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Danielle Bradbery named champion of 'The Voice'

Popular 16-year-old Texan takes the crown as fourth season wraps in climactic live telecast

NBC's "The Voice" crowned Danielle Bradbery as the winner in Tuesday's season finale, earning her the grand prize of a recording contract with Universal Music Group. Bradbery, from Team Blake, beat out fellow finalists Michelle Chamuel and the Swon Brothers — each of whom performed on the telecast along with several other top musical acts.

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher were the season-four coaches of the hit musical competition series.

Bradbery is a 16-year-old country artist from Texas who has never had a vocal lesson. With natural talent, her cousin encouraged her to start singing, and she soon had her first performance at a church festival. Bradbery cites Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Martina McBride as her musical influences. Follow her on Twitter: @dbradbery.

"The Voice" ranked as the No. 1 reality show of the 2012-13 season, knocking "American Idol" out of the top spot for the first time in 10 years. The current cycle of "The Voice" ranked No. 1 in its timeslot in the 18-49 demo with every regular Monday and Tuesday telecast this cycle (excludes recaps).

"The Voice" returns for its fifth cycle in the fall.

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"The Voice": Pictured from left are coaches Adam Levine, Usher, Blake Shelton and Shakira. (NBC photo)


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"The Voice" airs Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC. Find the show online at www.nbc.com/thevoice.

The Teams:

Team Adam: Adam Levine and Hillary Scott; Team Blake: Blake Shelton and Sheryl Crow; Team Shakira: Shakira and Joel Madden; Team Usher: Usher and Pharrell Williams

Team Adam 

"The Voice": Team Adam. Pictured from left, back row: Sasha Allen, Patrick Dodd, Ryan Hayes (Midas Whale), Michael Austin, Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons, Agina Alvarez, Karina Iglesias, Jon Peter Lewis (Midas Whale) and Warren Stone; front row: Duncan Kamakana, Amber Carrington, Adam Levine and Amy Whitcomb. (NBC photo by Tyler Golden)  



  • Agina Alvarez/Burbank, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Amber Carrington/Rockwall, [email protected] Eliminated in the semifinals
  • Amy Whitcomb/Orlando, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Duncan Kamakana[email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Judith Hill/Los [email protected]_hill Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"
  • Karina Iglesias[email protected]_ Stolen by Team Shakira in the "Battle Rounds"
    Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"
  • Midas Whale (Ryan Hayes, Jon Peter Lewis)/Rexburg, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Michael Austin/Norco, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Patrick Dodd[email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Sarah Simmons[email protected] Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"
  • Sasha Allen/New York [email protected] Stolen by Team Shakira in the "Battle Rounds"
    Eliminated in the semifinals
  • Warren Stone/Hannah, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"

Team Blake

"The Voice": Team Blake. Pictured, from left, back row: Jacqui Sandell, Holly Tucker, The Swon Bros, Michelle Raitzin, Grace Askew, Blake Shelton, Christian Porter and Trevor Davis; bottom row: The Morgan Twins, Danielle Bradbery, Savannah Berry, Justin Rivers and Caroline Glaser. (NBC photo by Trae Patton)  



  • Caroline Glaser/St. [email protected] Stolen by Team Adam in the "Battle Rounds" Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"
  • Christian Porter[email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Danielle Bradbery/Cypress, [email protected] WINNER
  • Grace Askew[email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Holly Tucker/Waco, [email protected] Eliminated in the quarterfinals
  • Jacqui Sandell/Oakland, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Justin Rivers/Fairford, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"
  • Michelle Raitzin/Great Neck, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • The Morgan Twins (Rhian and Cara) Rochester, [email protected]_twins Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Savannah Berry[email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • The Swon Brothers (Colton and Zach)/Muskogee, [email protected] Eliminated in the season finale
  • Trevor Davis/San [email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"

Team Shakira

"The Voice": Team Shakira. Pictured, from left, back row: Brandon Roush, Garrett Gardner, Mark Andrew, Craig Perkins, Luke Edgemon, Shawna Pierce and Jason Ash; front row: Catherine Ochoa, Kris Thomas, Tawnya Reynolds, Shakira, Mary Miranda and Monique Abbadie. (NBC photo by Trae Patton)



  • Brandon Roush[email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • C. Perkins/New [email protected] Stolen by Team Usher in the "Battle Rounds"
    Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Cathia/New York City (Bronx)[email protected] Stolen by Team Usher in the "Battle Rounds"
    Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"
  • Garrett Gardner/Ringwood, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"
  • J'Sun[email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Kris Thomas[email protected] Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"
  • Luke Edgemon/Fayetteville, [email protected] Stolen by Team Blake in the "Battle Rounds"
    Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Mark Andrew/Eden Prarie/Minn. @The_Mark_Andrew Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Mary Miranda[email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Monique Abbadie[email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Shawna P./Orange Beach, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Tawnya Reynolds/Nashville, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"

"The Voice": Team Usher. Pictured, from left, Jamila Thompson, Chelsea Monindroo, Michelle Chamuel, Jeff Lewis, Josiah Hawley, Vedo, Audrey Karrasch, Usher, Jess Kellner, Jessica Childress, Ryan Innes, Taylor Beckham and Orlando Dixon. (NBC photo by Tyler Golden)



  • Audrey Karrasch/Reno, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Chelsea M./Springfield, [email protected]_em Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Jamila Thompson[email protected]_mila Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Jeff Lewis/Baton Rouge, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Jessica Childress/Lancaster, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Battle Rounds"
  • Jess Kellner/Austin, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Josiah Hawley/Fort Smith, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"
  • Michelle Chamuel/Amherst, [email protected] Eliminated in the season finale
  • Orlando Dixon/Washington, [email protected] Stolen by Team Adam in the "Battle Rounds"
    Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Ryan Innes/Provo, [email protected] Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Taylor Beckham[email protected] Stolen by Team Blake in the "Battle Rounds"
    Eliminated in the "Knockouts"
  • Vedo[email protected] Eliminated in the "Live Playoffs"

For more information, visit http://www.nbc.com/TheVoice.

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