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A sneak peek inside the dazzling new Griffon Brewing in Youngstown, where owners/operators Ken Scibetta, left, and Ed Webster are hard at work preparing for this weekend's opening. (Photos by Joshua Maloni)
A sneak peek inside the dazzling new Griffon Brewing in Youngstown, where owners/operators Ken Scibetta, left, and Ed Webster are hard at work preparing for this weekend's opening. (Photos by Joshua Maloni)

Griffon Brewing opens in Youngstown

Fri, Feb 2nd 2024 11:10 am

Ken Scibetta’s and Ed Webster’s culinary empire is expanding with the new Griffon Brewing tap room in the Village of Youngstown. The restaurateurs, whose other Griffon locations include Lewiston, Niagara Falls and East Aurora, are taking over a space formerly used as a supermarket.

They recently shared a Q&A on Facebook, providing answers to questions received from people eager to patronize this new eatery. Details are listed below:

With Griffon Brewing opening soon, we've been getting a TON of questions. We figure now would be a good time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Time to just say FAQ it.

Q: When are you opening?

A: Early February-ish. We have a date in mind. You've probably heard it somewhere already. It only takes one thing to not go right to torpedo that, so no "official" announcement yet, but we are at the finish line. The announcement is literally right behind you. Turn around and look at it.

Q: Will you have food at the tasting room?

A: Yes, our menu is complete. This menu is not the same menu found at our other restaurants. It is also not the standard minimal tasting room fare. You'll find apps, salads, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and we'll let this "cat" out of the bag. Garfield's Favorite. A lasagna!

A sample lasagna is layered with luscious ingredients.


Q: So it's a restaurant?

A: No, it's a brewery and tasting room with great food. It will not be the standard restaurant-style Griffon experience you'd find at our gastropubs. For example, we do not have servers and reservations and all of that. But, if you want a fried chicken sandwich with your flight of beer, you're going to get one! And you're going to love it. So depending on your definition of restaurant, maybe it is a restaurant.

Q: How's the beer?

A: It's very good. That's the hardest part and the most important thing, right? We're super excited about what has been brewed so far, and even more excited for what's to come! The guys have been very busy doing what they do.

Q: Will you have cans to go?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Will you have merch?

A: Yes, we will have brewery merch. It will be a constantly changing selection, so if you see something you like, snag it!

Q: Is that a patio on the side of the building?

A: You bet! When the weather stops being gross, we'll be putting together a patio with seating, a bar, a spot for live music, etc. We have big ol' garage doors that will open the whole place up for an awesome summer experience.

Q: What are your hours?

A: Our initial hours will be pretty limited as we work to ramp up staffing and get things on track. Right now the plan is Thursday-Sunday, with more days being added as we move forward.

Q: Will you do takeout food? I live in Youngstown and want food.

A: Yes. Maybe not right away as we have to manage the stress on our kitchen, but the plan is to have online ordering and takeout.

Q: Will you have a full bar, or just beer?

A: Full bar! We know not everyone is into beer (like ... how?), so we will have a liquor and wine selection. We also are making our own seltzers! Our Pubbles series of seltzers will be made in house, with a rotating selection of flavors.

Q: What kind of beers are you brewing?

A: Everything. We have everything from nice easy drinking lagers to hopped up IPAs to mighty stouts. Today we're getting a blueberry sour started, so keep an eye out for Blue-by Traps.

Q: Will your beers be at your restaurants too?

A: There will be some tasting room exclusive beers, but yes, we would be foolish not to have our own beer at our own restaurants.

Griffon Brewing tap room is located at 200 Lockport St., Youngstown.


Visitors from throughout the River Region visited the Griffon Brewing tap room in Youngstown during its soft opening Friday. "Great crowd; even better than expected. We're looking forward to this!" co-owner Ed Webster said. Guests offered high praise for the new brew-eatery. (Photos by Terry Duffy)

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