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Prominent Coffee Co. is extending the legacy of Pulp 716.
Prominent Coffee Co. is extending the legacy of Pulp 716.

Prominent Coffee Co. to acquire Pulp 716 recipes

Tue, Oct 24th 2023 12:20 pm

Following Pulp 716’s closure, a number of its bubble tea recipes will be given to Prominent Coffee Co.

By Hannah Eisenhauer

Special to Niagara Frontier Publications

Starting as early as Nov. 1, Prominent Coffee Co. in Clarence will begin to sell a number of Pulp 716’s popular bubble tea flavors following the shop’s closure at the end of this month.

This announcement came from Prominent Coffee Co.’s owner, Stephen Szortyka, who shared the news on social media.

“The outpour of support has been astronomical,” Szortyka said. “I think this is an amazing opportunity for both our business – as well as Pulp – to see their tradition carried on.”

Though not every flavor of bubble tea from Pulp 716’s menu will be available at Prominent Coffee Co., Szortyka and his team will be hard at work replicating the best practices of bubble-tea-making from Pulp 716.

Loyal customers of Lockport’s Pulp 716 have been devastated by the news of its closure, but this development has offered many a sense of relief, as they can relax knowing their beloved bubble tea flavors are not gone forever.

“When I first heard Pulp was closing, I was really sad because it’s one of my favorite places to go with my friends; so, I’m just really going to miss it,” said Jessica McClain, a regular at Pulp 716. “But I think it’s a great way to preserve the legacy – that way, people can still get the drinks that they love, just at a different location.”

Currently, the business does not have a definite list of the flavors that will be added to the menu, but it hopes to cycle through classic Pulp 716 flavors, as well as its own seasonal flavors. According to Szortyka, at the start of this transition, Prominent Coffee Co. will offer four bubble tea flavors – two milk teas and two fruit teas – but will later expand its menu to offer more flavors.

Unfortunately for fans of the famous “Plankie,” a Polish-inspired cross between a doughnut and pastry heart, invented by Pulp 716, this menu item will not be making an appearance on Prominent Coffee Co.’s menu. However, Pulp 716’s cold brew is currently available for purchase at the coffee shop, and it has already been a huge hit with customers.

A number of Lockport natives, despite being happy that Pulp 716’s legacy will carry on at Prominent Coffee Co., are hesitant to make the drive out to Clarence for their favorite drinks.

“Lockport is a town that doesn’t have very many things around for people to do, and Pulp added something for friends to come and hang out,” said Amy Lawton, a Pulp 716 customer. “The main thing is how far away (Prominent Coffee Co.) is. It’s going to be a lot harder to go there than it would have been if Pulp stayed open.”

“I probably still will go to Prominent Coffee, but not as often as I went to Pulp, just because it is so much farther away from my house,” McClain said. “Pulp was literally five minutes from where I live, so Prominent Coffee is just a little bit longer of a drive, unfortunately.”

Despite the hesitancy of some customers, Szortyka is confident this partnership will attract customers, both new and old, to the business.

“We’re really excited to spearhead and launch this line,” Szortyka said. “Constructive criticism and feedback are always welcome in our place. We care deeply about providing a really unique and enjoyable atmosphere and experience here.”

Pulp 716 was contacted to be interviewed for this story, but declined.

Prominent Coffee Co. is extending the legacy of Pulp 716.



This is a Niagara University student-created piece completed as part of the course CMS 226A. For more information, contact the Niagara Frontier Publications’ managing editor.

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