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Lindy Dolan stands inside her new sub shop, Cal's Grinders, in the Village of Lewiston.
Lindy Dolan stands inside her new sub shop, Cal's Grinders, in the Village of Lewiston.

Cal's Grinders opens in Lewiston

Fri, Sep 22nd 2017 06:30 pm
Set to debut at Harvest Festival
It's a sub!
By Malika-Budur Kalila
Lewiston sub shop Cal's Grinders is opening this weekend as part of the Harvest Festival. The eatery is located in the former Melloni's Meats, Catering and Deli on Center Street.
Owner Lindy Dolan recently moved to Lewiston from Niagara Falls, where she spent 23 years of her life.
"It's different, but I love it," Dolan said of Lewiston. "It's not a city, and I am not originally from the city. I am from the country, so it feels like being back home."
Dolan has been making "grinders" for her family for years, but selling them and owning a business is a new step for her. She said the motivations for her to open include a craving to sell delicious grinders, and to bring prosperity to the community.
"It is a step of faith; I am doing it with God," Dolan said. She left her previous job in currency exchange in order to do what she always has wanted: sell grinders.
"I could either sit in that good job in the little cubbyhole and die, or I could go, step out, and pursue a dream," she said.
Dolan said Cal's Grinders' mission is to be a helpful and useful part of the community. She said she wants to bring good to the area by providing happy and uplifting experience to people.
"Grinders are happy memory," Dolan said. "It only has a positive memory attached to it."
Cal's Grinders has a limited menu, because the business is specialized on subs. It offers cold subs and one hot specialty. Prices range from $7 to $10.25. The shop is arranged as a take-out business, but it also provides a sitting area for clients who prefer to eat on site.
Although some restaurants offer subs, Cal's is the only locally operated eatery that specializes in grinders.
"I am not trying to compete with another store; I want everybody to prosper," Dolan said. "I am not trying to take away from anybody else. ... There is enough for everybody."
For more information, visit Cal's Grinders at 555 Center St., Lewiston.
Enjoying grinders at Cal's are Emily Parisi, a Niagara university student from Niagara Falls, and Louis Chabrier of Geneva. Prices range from $7 for a small ham or turkey sub to $10.25 for a large roast beef or specialty tuna "JB Melt."

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