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Carla Hall image courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery
Carla Hall image courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery

Chef & best-selling author Carla Hall is 'Chasing Flavor' on new Max series

Thu, Dec 21st 2023 07:45 pm

‘Chasing Flavor’ available to stream beginning Thursday, Feb. 1

Press Release

Celebrity chef and best-selling author Carla Hall takes viewers on a global adventure to explore the unexpected roots of popular dishes within today’s American food culture on the original Max series “Chasing Flavor.”

Beginning on Feb. 1, follow along as Carla’s curiosity about America’s most delicious dishes – from chicken pot pie to ice cream – leads her to Ghana, Italy, Turkey and more. Along the way, Carla traces the history and lineage of dishes, discovering the interconnected, international origins and cultures that paved the way for today’s American cuisine – because if you don’t know the history, then you don’t know the dish. Join Carla as she chases flavor across the globe to find out how it all comes together on the American plate.

“ ‘Chasing Flavor’ brings together so many of the things I am passionate about. It’s about food, and family, and sharing stories and history and travel. And more importantly, giving credit to the cultures that had a hand in a particular dish,” Carla said. “I’m really proud of this show. Everyone involved in making it, myself included, put their heart and souls into it. It was a wonderful adventure, and I can’t wait for others to share it.”

Throughout the six half-hour episodes, Carla dives into American classics from shrimp and grits to hot chicken, to barbecue. On one episode, Carla is on an unexpected dairy adventure that takes her from the U.S. to Italy, and to Turkey, to discover the origins of ice cream. Stopping at the top ice cream spots in New York and Philadelphia, Carla learns the unique churning methods used to give the classic dessert its smooth, creamy texture. Then, in Italy, Carla gets a lesson on the difference between ice cream and gelato. And in Turkey, Carla is like a kid again playing with her food as she uncovers a unique ingredient that gives ice cream its silkiness.

Carla’s travels do not end there, as she goes on a taco trip to Mexico and discovers how a vertical flame helped cultures collide to create tacos al pastor. She also explores how Jamaica helped to shape the flaky crust of chicken pot pie, and in Ghana, she gets a spicy taste of the roots of hot chicken with chef Eric Adjepong.

With every bite in every country, Carla's journey highlights the influences that have shaped American cuisine.

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