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Allstate helps New Yorkers prevent fires before they happen during Fire Prevention Week


Tue, Oct 11th 2016 11:45 am

During National Fire Prevention Week, New Yorkers can use fire safety tips to stop a fire's flames before they even begin

Editorial by Allstate Insurance Co.

For most, fire safety was a subject they learned about in grade school, but, somewhere along the way, the knowledge gets pushed aside.

The National Fire Protection Association recognizes the week of Oct. 9 as National Fire Prevention Week. Allstate Insurance Co. wants to make sure all New Yorkers do whatever they can to prevent a fire from happening, by supplying an important list of fire safety measures to take.

Tips for preventing a fire before it starts:

  • Don't overload outlets by using multiple plug extenders or extension cords
  • Use a certified, surge protected power strip and stick to recommended wattages
  • Never run electrical wires or extension cords under carpets or heavy items
  • Make sure electrical cords are not worn or frayed
  • Avoid using candles, but if you do, never leave them unattended and be sure to place them in a secure holder away from flammables and linens
  • Cook only where it is allowed, keeping the area clean. And never leave unattended
  • Do not smoke inside your room (especially in bed). Instead, go outside and, when finished, make sure cigarettes are properly extinguished.
  • Drink responsibly! There is a strong link between alcohol and fire deaths - not only can it impair your judgment; it can also hamper your ability to escape.
  • Make an escape plan, identifying at least two escape routes from your room if possible. Learn the building's emergency exits and don't ignore fire drills. Student apathy can be a major problem with quick and efficient evacuation.

Visit "Allstate Be Aware and Prepare" and the National Fire Protection Association for more, helpful information.

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