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Celebrities take center stage in the kitchens of their favorite restaurants on 'Star Plates'


Tue, Aug 16th 2016 05:25 pm
Geoffrey Zakarian and Minka Kelly on Food Network's `Star Plates.` (Food Network photo)
Geoffrey Zakarian and Minka Kelly on Food Network's "Star Plates." (Food Network photo)

Erin Andrews, Colin Hanks, Alyson Hannigan, Mindy Kaling, Busy Philipps and Minka Kelly will be tested in the ultimate culinary crash course taught by their favorite chefs

Beginning this fall, celebrities are landing the role of their dreams, stepping into their favorite restaurant kitchens for a culinary crash course - cooking on the line with their favorite chef.

The "Star Plates" celebrities, including Erin Andrews, Colin Hanks, Alyson Hannigan, Mindy Kaling, Minka Kelly and Busy Philipps, are thrown into the fire. Working side-by-side with the professional restaurant chef, these celebrities will learn how to make their favorite dishes and must help service a dining room full of hungry, paying customers.

Each star will have an experience unlike any part they have ever played, finding out if they have what it takes to make it inside a professional kitchen. Chefs Vinny Dotolo, Susan Feniger, Marcus Samuelsson, Michael Voltaggio, Dakota Weiss and Geoffrey Zakarian will each mentor and attempt to teach one of these famous foodies the main ingredients needed to create restaurant-quality dishes.

Tune in to find out which stars shine brightest when the "Star Plates" are served beginning Tuesday, Sept. 27 (11 p.m. ET/PT) on Food Network.

" 'Star Plates' allows viewers to go backstage at some of the top restaurants, as these actors and television personalities get a taste of what it is like to be a professional chef," said Didi O'Hearn, senior vice president of programming for Food Network and Cooking Channel. "The stars might be used to on-screen drama, but it does not compare to the reality and fast pace of a professional kitchen."

The culinary industry is one of the toughest, and now these celebrities are testing their talents and cooking skills in the hardest place of all, a commercial kitchen, where every dish they serve must be up to the chefs' high-quality restaurant standards.

On the premiere, actress Kaling partners up with Samuelsson at Red Rooster in Harlem to make one of her favorite dishes, the signature "Fried Chicken Royale." She quickly learns there is more to this dish than just dredging and frying, but will she be able to perfect the dish for her mentor chef (and a restaurant full of hungry customers), all while trying to avoid the distractions and eye candy in the kitchen?

Over the course of the six episodes, sportscaster Andrews will find herself in a whole new ballgame in downtown Los Angeles at Feniger's Border Grill, as she is forced to step up to the plate and service the ultimate lunch rush; Hannigan will be out of her element at L.A. eatery Ink when Voltaggio teaches her some unusual cooking techniques using liquid nitrogen and blowtorches; skills and friendships will be tested when Hanks learns there is no palling around in Dotolo's kitchen at Animal; in West Hollywood, at Estrella, Philipps will try not to crack under the pressure of executing Weiss' signature egg and avocado dish; and things also get bittersweet for Kelly as she gets a lesson at Georgie in Beverly Hills on chocolate soufflé from Zakarian.

Throughout the season, the stars will try to impress their mentor chefs, but their toughest critics of all are actually waiting in the dining room ready to dig into their "Star Plates."

Fans can visit FoodNetwork.com/StarPlates for more on the celebrities in the kitchen. Plus, they can join the conversation on Twitter with #StarPlates.

Michael Voltaggio and Alyson Hannigan on Food Network's

Michael Voltaggio and Alyson Hannigan on Food Network's "Star Plates." (Food Network photo)

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