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Henry returns to help Olivia on 'Fringe'

by jmaloni
Thu, Nov 18th 2010 06:00 pm

Behind the Screens with Joshua Maloni

Prompted by her memory of Peter Bishop, FBI Agent Olivia Dunham is on her way back "over here" on "Fringe." But in order to get back, she'll need some help.

Guest star Andre Royo ("The Wire") returns tonight as taxi cab driver Henry, an unlikely ally for Olivia (she did, after all, hold him hostage in the season premiere).

"It comes about just as it did in the first episode: caught off-guard; by surprise," Royo tells BTS. "You just see the energy that these two share about trying to help one another in their own way. It's just great chemistry between Henry and Olivia."

In their first encounter, "She scared the hell out of me, yes," Royo says. Despite that, the once-troubled Henry saw something he could relate to in Olivia.

"I think my work with Henry kind of came across and like I think we get a sense ... the first episode at the end when I (wished her good luck). I think Henry goes from (thinking her ‘alternate universe' theory was a) nice idea, not really knowing what's right or what's wrong, what's good or what's bad. But the idea is this person is so committed to trying to get somewhere. I feel like Henry has been in those situations before, trying to just do the right thing. Not being judgmental, but if I can help out, I'll help out; and that kind of good karma maybe will help me when I'm feeling weak to get over what I have to get over."

As Olivia looks to return home, she must also deal with a serial kidnapper "over there," and the case's repercussions on Col. Broyles. 

"Fringe" airs at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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