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War of 1812: History invades Niagara for bicentennial celebrations

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Village of Lancaster: Fire department gears up to boost recruitment

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Cat doesn't like road trips? Tips to help Fluffy enjoy the ride

by TripsWithPets.com

When it comes to pets, dogs travel with their humans the most often. In fact, they account for over 85 percent of pet travelers. This makes sense; most dogs are happy to go on adventures. They love car rides and can't wait to hop in and head out anywhere, whether it's down the street to the park or halfway across the country on an extended road trip.

Cats, on the other hand, are not so keen on traveling by car. One reason is a difference in temperament - they're just not as adaptable and adventurous as dogs. Another is the fact the bulk of their travel experience tends to involve going back and forth to the vet.

To help ease your mind and make traveling with your cat travel experience a better one for both of you, here are seven steps that can effectively prepare your pet for car travel.

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Aquarium of Niagara has 'SEAster Egg Hunt'

DiamondThe Aquarium of Niagara's annual "SEAster Egg Hunt" will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 19, at the Whirlpool Street attraction. Kids won't get their feet wet, but to find their "SEAster" eggs, they'll have to check out the various salt and freshwater tanks on both levels.

"SEAster" egg hunters, accompanied by a parent, will receive a special form to keep track of their finds. Prizes include plush animals, candy and more.

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State DOT highlights safe driving in highway construction work zones

New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Joan McDonald has kicked off the highway and bridge construction season with a message to New York motorists to use caution in highway maintenance and construction work zones. The Federal Highway Administration has designated April 7-11 as National Work Zone Awareness Week, with the theme "Work Zone Speeding: A Costly Mistake."

"Safety for the traveling public and for our workers is our top priority," McDonald said. "The cost of speeding through a highway work zone could be as simple as a traffic ticket with a heavy fine - or it could be as costly as taking your own life or the life of one of our construction workers. Motorists must slow down and pay extra attention when driving through work zones."

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Buffalo Zoo debuts ocelot kitten

The Buffalo Zoo's latest addition, an ocelot kitten, is now on exhibit in M&T Bank Rainforest Falls. The kitten was born to first-time parents Pedro and Ayla on Dec. 10. Keepers in the exhibit named the spunky little girl "Arieta." They report she is a fast learner and very active in the exhibit.

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