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Shaun Quinn, holding a plaque, with his family, varsity volleyball coach Bill Schultz, and the Board of Education.
Shaun Quinn, holding a plaque, with his family, varsity volleyball coach Bill Schultz, and the Board of Education.

Grand Island Board of Education recognizes volleyball coach

Sat, Feb 17th 2024 06:55 am

Story and Photo by Alice Gerard

Senior Contributing Writer

The Grand Island Board of Education recognized junior varsity boys’ volleyball coach Shaun Quinn at its Feb. 10 meeting, held at Grand Island High School.

“Shaun has been with me for the whole time I’ve been coaching,” said Bill Schultz, varsity volleyball coach. “He started as my assistant when I took over varsity. It’s a lot of hard work. He’s put in the time. He even helps me with the big tournament we host here every year. He does a really good job, and he gets these guys ready for when they come up for varsity. We’ve continued to win, over and over again. I’m really grateful for all the things he’s done.”

Quinn said, “This award is really a testament to some of the guys who are here behind me and our entire team and the hard work and dedication they put forth this entire year. These guys worked hard the entire year, so this award goes to these guys for everything that they did and to the entire team. It was an outstanding season for everybody, and I’m proud of them.”

Board of Education Vice President Sue Marston said, “(Shaun) is a great role model. He’s a great mentor. The lessons that they (Quinn and Schultz) teach our boys on and off the court are really fantastic, and they make a lasting impression on them. We thank you for that, and we thank your families for all your hard work and dedication because, really, it takes everyone to do that. You are more than a coach. You are a fantastic role model for our kids.

“Jacquie (Quinn) is here and Ethan and Emma. They not only supported him from home; they attend the tournaments, and they show up at the banquets. Your support means a lot to the program, and we really appreciate it. Congratulations to you and Jacquie.”

Quinn added, “I wanted to thank Dr. Graham and the board for having me and for recognizing me tonight. I’m honored to have received the boys’ JV Coach of the Year award. I’d like to thank my family for their support and love.”

Superintendent Brian Graham said, “Family is so important, and the grace and love they provide so that you can do something that you love, too, means a lot.”

In Other News

At the initial draft budget meeting, Bob Merkle, assistant superintendent for school business and finance, provided the dates for all meetings about the 2024-25 budget. These include:

•March 11: second meeting, which will include discussion about state aid projections from the New York State Legislature, if these numbers are available; plus, retirements and proposed expenditures.

•March 25: third meeting. This is the first date the Board of Education could adopt the budget.

•April 9: This date has been set tentatively as a special meeting date for the board to discuss the impact of the final budget. The deadline for the state to approve its budget is April 1.

•April 16: This is the last date the Board of Education could adopt the budget.

•May 13: Public hearing on the budget.

•May 21: Board of Education election and referendum on the budget and the purchase of school buses and other vehicles.

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