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The walls come tumbling down: Fairchild update, video Part 2

by jmaloni
Tue, Apr 4th 2017 05:15 pm

By Joshua Maloni

Managing Editor

•Demolition kicked into high gear this week at the former Fairchild Manor site.

On Monday and Tuesday, the excavator moved toward the Fairchild Place side. The far west wing was demolished first, followed by the front wall on the facing side of the former nursing home; then, the Fairchild sign and the glass panes above the main entrance.

Village of Lewiston Projects Coordinator and Liaison W.E. "Skip" Hauth said Fairchild Place residents would have a new, clear view across the lot to Onondaga Street for several weeks. He said there would be a break in the action between the final demolition and removal of the foundation, the backfill process, and then the beginning of construction, and the creation of two apartment buildings.

View video No. 2, below, for Hauth's April 3 update to the Village of Lewiston Board of Trustees.







Part one of this report was originally posted on Tuesday, March 28.

•A demolition crew is wasting no time tearing down the former Fairchild Manor nursing home site on Onondaga Street in Lewiston. An entire wing was removed on Monday, and enormous piles of metal, concrete, wood and brick were sorted and removed on Tuesday.

Village of Lewiston Projects Coordinator and Liaison W.E. "Skip" Hauth has been on site daily, and said, "A lot of what's going on right now is taking down the building structure. They're pulling steel and trusses out of the building and stacking it. They're in the process of pulling out the cinder block and the brick walls."

Demolition work is expected to continue until mid-April.

Hear Hauth's entire interview and watch demolition highlights in the video below:


The scene on site could best be described as a real-life, machine-driven "Jurassic Park." A giant, dinosaur-like Komatsu PC200 LC hydraulic excavator ripped and chewed and foraged its way through the building wing. The digger's giant jaw roared as its teeth sank into the mechanical meat.

Once the bones have been picked clean, so to speak, something new will inhabit the land.

Developer James Jerge owns the parcel of property. He was granted permission to remove the existing building and erect two new high-end apartment buildings.

As fast as the crew tore down the first wing, it was equally speedy in working to remove the debris piles on Tuesday and Wednesday.





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