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Rose Muto holds the popular Fresh Start Café bison burger, which serves as a basis for the new bison sub. The sandwich will soon be delivered to area residents and businesses.
Rose Muto holds the popular Fresh Start Café bison burger, which serves as a basis for the new bison sub. The sandwich will soon be delivered to area residents and businesses.

Fresh Start to debut, deliver bison and cheese sub

by jmaloni
Sat, Oct 10th 2015 07:00 am

Café market selling Fire Cider

By Joshua Maloni

Managing Editor

Fresh Start Café & Market is set to offer a unique, all-natural alternative to traditional football foods.

"So, what we wanted to do, and what we wanted to try is ... you know how they do steak and cheese subs for football? People order it all the time. Bison and cheese sub is what we want to do," café operator Rose Muto said. "And we will be starting delivery very soon."

"There's pizza deliveries, obviously, but no one really delivers healthy food," she added.

The farm-fresh café's grinder will be ground bison served on a DiCamillo Bakery roll with a choice of cheese and toppings (including vegetables and sauces). Fresh Start will deliver to Lewiston and Youngstown addresses.

Muto said the sandwich would debut in a couple weeks.

Beyond game days, Fresh Start will deliver to local businesses during lunch hours.

"We understand a lot of people can't really leave for lunch," Muto said.

To further entice that particular clientele, the café is offering a coupon/loyalty card program for Lewiston merchants.

"I would've loved to have had something delivered to me that wasn't pizza, or wasn't something that was going to make me feel not that great about eating," Muto said.

Fresh Start Café's bison burger. 

Fresh Start Café's bison burger.

Fresh Start focuses on organic foods, and offers dishes for people with ailments such as celiac. It opened in June and has been a hit both with the health-conscious and the curious.

"People are surprised at the fact that the food is so good," Muto said.

The café recently made some fresh changes to its offerings with a new menu highlighting seasonal produce and popular items from the original list of choices.

Over in the adjoining market, "The Fire Cider, that's one of our best sellers now," Muto said. "Actually, in the beginning, it really didn't sell that much, and I was trying to push it; just telling (customers) what it was, and that, literally, it has every single thing that you could read online."

The drink is a fiery mix of apple cider vinegar, oranges, lemons, onions, ginger, horseradish, garlic, turmeric and habanero pepper.

While it might not sound super-appetizing, "It's really good for you," Muto said.

The aforementioned is mixed with raw wildflower honey to create a taste the manufacturer described as "potent, but balanced, offering layers of sweet, tart and spice."

"This has everything combined," Muto said. "You take a shot of it a day."

Like a shot at a bar?

"Yup," Muto said. "And, actually, we have a shot glass that it comes with." ($15 for the bottle and cup.)

"It's supposed to help with numerous different things," she said.

"Once people bought it ... they kept coming back to get it over again. We had to order four cases of it, because it's going so fast now," Muto added. "It does help - especially people with acid reflux, which I actually have."

In coming weeks, Fresh Start will offer a girl's night out, product demonstrations and more events. Find details on the business' website.

Fresh Start Café & Market is located at 402 Center St., Lewiston. It's open seven days a week. For more information, call 716-405-7607 or visit www.freshstart.menu.

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