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Anne Wilson, `REBEL` (Image courtesy of Universal Music Group Nashville)
Anne Wilson, "REBEL" (Image courtesy of Universal Music Group Nashville)

Anne Wilson releasing 'REBEL'


Thu, Apr 18th 2024 08:45 pm

Press Release

Anne Wilson is set to release her new album, “REBEL,” on Friday. She co-wrote all 16 tracks on the album, including her current country radio single, “Rain In The Rearview,” and the title track.

Wilson describes herself as a rebel because she doesn’t fit in any singular box, and she embraces the differences that make her unique. She also considers herself a rebel because she’s not afraid to sing (or talk) about her faith.

“For me, I think it started when I sent a song to Christian radio that was very like faith-based, but it got a lot of push-back because it sounded too country, and so it kind of lit a fire in me to go, ‘Well, I’m not going to fit in anymore. I wanna be who I am authentically,’ and I want that to be my message,” Wilson said. “So, that’s where it really came in, but on the other end, just being a person of faith in the world that we live in today, it feels like you’re an outsider if you have faith, especially for my generation. You know, my generation struggles a lot with feeling like we have permission to talk about our faith. We can come out and say it without being judged, you know? So, I think for me, I’m gonna be a rebel. I’m gonna stand up for what I believe in. I’m gonna love my country. I’m gonna love God. I’m gonna stand up for the things that I believe in. I’m not gonna follow the world or the ways of the world, but I’m gonna follow Jesus and my faith, and that’s what makes me a rebel.”

She’s set to perform the album’s title track, “REBEL,” live from the heart of Times Square during the third Hour of NBC’s “Today” on Friday.



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