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Lindsey Stirling, `Duality` (Photo courtesy of Shore Fire Media)
Lindsey Stirling, "Duality" (Photo courtesy of Shore Fire Media)

Lindsey Stirling announces new studio album - 'Duality' - out June 14

Press Release

Fri, Mar 8th 2024 05:35 pm

Unveils new single, ‘Eye Of The Untold Her’; watch music video here

Press Release

Today, pop-violinist Lindsey Stirling announces her new album, “Duality,” a visionary meditation on inner wisdom, personal strength, and the ever-shifting nature of identity, out June 14 via Concord Records. 

In tandem with the album announcement, Stirling also released “Eye Of The Untold Her,” a whimsical track that brings the listener on a magical adventure, and traverses the idea of following intuition, instead of fear. 

Produced by her frequent collaborator Mako (a musician/songwriter/producer whose credits include co-producing many top-selling releases from video-game giant Riot Games) and co-written with Steve Mazzaro (a composer who’s worked closely with the legendary Hans Zimmer to arrange and produce the music for the Oscar winner’s world tours), “Eye Of The Untold Her” offers up a glorious epic both mystical in its undercurrent and visceral in impact. Opening on a spellbinding arrangement of fluttering piano and soulful violin, the whimsical track soon escalates to a pulse-pounding frenzy – then bursts into its explosive and wildly cathartic chorus. 

“If only we could all see our full potential; what we could become. I think we would amaze ourselves. However, we let disappointment, momentary failure, and the opinions of others discourage us. Beyond what our minds can comprehend and what outside sources tell us, we all have an inner eye that can tell us where our truest course lies. Listening to that will help us find our richest life,” Stirling said about the track.Listen to “Eye of the Untold Her” here: https://found.ee/LS_Duality.

In a mesmerizing display of visual artistry, Stirling’s “Eye of the Untold Her” music video serves as a captivating journey through the kaleidoscope of her evolving personas and distinctive looks over the years. Set against a backdrop of shifting landscapes and ethereal settings, the camera gracefully navigates through a series of scenes, each encapsulating a different facet of Stirling's multifaceted identity. From “America’s Got Talent” and “Dancing with the Stars” (she dances with show partner Mark Ballas), to an enchanting forest nymph and futuristic cyberpunk, every frame is a testament to her boundless creativity. 

Watch the “Eye of the Untold Her” music video here: https://found.ee/LS_EOTUHVideo or below:



Made with producers/co-writers Graham Muron (Thirty Seconds to Mars, Skrillex) and Lucky West (Walk the Moon, Dreamers), “Duality” encompasses a dozen songs showcasing Stirling’s refined musicality and gift for sculpting deeply expressive melodies. But while the album’s first half centers on a grandiose and elaborate composed sound informed by Celtic music and other global influences, its latter half leans toward a boldly original form of left-of-center pop. A profoundly imaginative songwriter whose past work includes such high-concept albums as 2019’s “Artemis” – a No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart – Stirling makes brilliant use of each sonic setting by exploring intricate questions of intuition and truth. 

“The title ‘Duality’ resonated with me deeply as it reflects the inner conflict I often experience,” Stirling said. “There are moments when I feel fearless and self-assured, contrasted sharply by times when self-doubt creeps in and I question my worth. Sometimes, I cling tightly to my actions, determined to shape my destiny, while at other times, I surrender to the flow of life. Every day, I believe we engage in internal battles of duality. We strive to discern which aspects to nurture, which to release and forgive, and which originate from our soul versus those imposed upon us.

“In my pursuit to bring this concept to life, I curated two distinct styles of music for each side of the album. Through the music, I aimed to evoke a sense of magic, for I think that at the core of our internal conflicts lies the enchanting paradox of being humans with boundless potential living, in a mortal world constrained by constructs like money, laws and societal hierarchies.

“Over the past few years, I've embarked on a journey of self-discovery, delving into the magical facets of myself – my intuition, my capacity to love – and it was during this exploration that I crafted this album.” 

After a period of struggling to hone in on her vision for the LP, she experienced a breakthrough with a track called “Untamed”: a thrillingly majestic piece matching her mesmerizing violin work with ferocious guitar riffs, bombastic rhythms, and sudden bursts of otherworldly vocals. Partly inspired by Glennon Doyle’s philosophically rooted memoir of the same name, “Untamed” soon catalyzed the writing of “Duality’s” opening track, the stormy but exhilarating “Evil Twin.” In shining a light on the more shadowy aspects of our being, Stirling dreamed up an exquisitely frenetic track whose whirlwind energy builds to a formidable drop at the chorus. With its dizzying back-and-forth between bright and dark, chaos and control, “Evil Twin” makes for a potent introduction to “Duality’s” infinitely shapeshifting soundscape.

After kicking off with “The Scarlett Queen” (the haunting counterpart to “Evil Twin”), “Duality’s” second half shifts into the strutting rhythms and luminous textures of “Inner Gold” – a pop-tinged twist on “Eye Of The Untold Her.” 

“All of the songs line up from one side of the album to the other,” Stirling explained. “In the case of ‘Eye Of The Untold Her’ and ‘Inner Gold,’ both are about trusting that inner voice but sonically they’re very different.” 

Featuring the gorgeously strange vocals of alt-pop artist Royal & the Serpent, “Inner Gold” tells the tale of suffering through deception and emerging with a renewed sense of self-reliance. 

Another song revealing her pop sensibilities, “Survive” finds Walk off the Earth vocalist Sarah Blackwood joining Stirling for a sublime interpolation of Gloria Gaynor’s disco classic “I Will Survive.” With its sleek beats and unstoppable grooves, the soul-stirring anthem channels a mood of joyful abandon thanks in large part to Stirling’s lush and vibrant violin melodies and Blackwood’s fierce yet full-hearted vocal performance. 

“Duality” arrives as Stirling’s most sonically daring and emotionally complex album date.

Stirling will also be releasing new merch in honor of the “Duality” announcement and “Eye of the Untold Her” release. The new collection features butterfly-themed tote bags, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and signed “Duality” vinyl and CDs. 

These items are available for presale today via: https://lindseystirlingmerch.com.

More About Lindsey Stirling

Few artists embody boundless creativity quite like Lindsey Stirling. Not only a multi-award-winning musician known for her genre-bending virtuosity on electronic violin, she’s endlessly dazzled audiences with her extraordinary talents as a dancer – an element she brings to the stage as part of her spectacular live show, touring with a stunning frequency and continually selling out iconic venues all around the world.

Her groundbreaking vision has gained her millions of adoring fans worldwide, four Billboard chart-topping albums, and two Billboard Music Awards including Top Dance/Electronic Album for her third studio release, “Brave Enough.” Her holiday album, “Warmer in Winter,” catapulted to the No. 1 spot on Billboard, Amazon and iTunes Holiday Album charts upon release, and lead single “Carol of the Bells” made history as the only instrumental song ever to reach the Top 10 at AC Radio.

Also a New York Times bestselling author (and creator of her own comic book), the Platinum-selling star felt compelled to push her boundaries even further for her seventh full-length effort, ultimately embracing a whole new level of freedom in her songwriting.

A visionary meditation on inner wisdom, personal strength, and the ever-shifting nature of identity, “Duality” arrives as Stirling’s most sonically daring and emotionally complex album date.

She has amassed over 27 million subscribers, nearly 3.5 billion views and 13.9 million subscribers on YouTube, 4.8 million followers and 105 million likes on TikTok, and over 500,000 user-generated creations across TikTok and Instagram reels. 

For more Lindsey Stirling: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram | TikTok

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