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NU women's soccer showing strong determination

Fri, Oct 20th 2023 03:20 pm

By Shiela R. Hunt

Special to Niagara Frontier Publications

The Niagara University women’s soccer team ran quick to the opposite team’s goalie. When the ball was getting kicked around, Niagara University women were there. They stayed on top of the game. They kicked hard and strong and ran fast and long. They controlled the ball for the whole game.

In an interview, Emma Bough, a student who plays center for the Niagara University soccer team, and head coach Peter Veltri explained themselves for their seasonal games.

Veltri mentioned how he was exciting to coach Niagara University women’s soccer team. He said, “There are many parts of my job that are exciting; one is the relationships that I built with each player. Another is watching them mature over the four years, and also watching them become the best players they can be.”

They showed their ability in several games. They defeated their challengers.

Veltri said, “Coaching allows me to help young people grow to become better adults.”

Niagara University’s women soccer players ran the whole length of the field. They demonstrated physical moves, on the other team, to show the audience their skills. They played to their full potential.

Veltri said, “I would say that those players that truly want to reach their potential would do so.”

He added, “The thing about potential is that it first must come from the player, because they need to be willing to sacrifice a lot of time and effort.”

The coach explained how it was a busy time of the year for them. In the game verses St. Peter, Niagara University stood out among their opponents. They won the game, 6-0. It was a regular seasonal game that the women took home their wins.

Veltri said, “They played a great game versus Iona College.”

He added, “We traveled down to Iona and it was obvious that the team was sluggish and not at their best.”

“We had many injuries, so we had a lot of new players, as well.”

“They fought hard and came out on top, 1-0.”

In the middle of the game, the clocked stayed moving. The girls went at each other to see who would bring home the trophy.

Bough said, “Yes, I love Niagara University and the people I have met since I been here.”

They kicked at each other and used their body to position the ball on the playing field. The score was 1-0. When halftime was over, Niagara University continued to defeat St. Peter.

Veltri said, “Soccer is played on a very large field so, in order to be successful, you need all three phases to playing well.

He added, “This includes defeating, attacking and set plays.”

The Niagara University women faced off to score another goal. The score was 2-0. It was a good match for both teams.

Veltri said, “They played a rough game versus Minnesota University.”

Both teams looked good on the playing field, ran quick to try and put the ball in the goalie’s net, and kicked the ball all the way up midfield.

There was 4 minutes and 51 seconds left on the clock when Bough scored three goals.

When Bough was asked how many years she had played soccer, she said, “I have played soccer for 18 years.”

She was assisted by Isabella Mazzaferro.

When Veltri was asked where does the team need extra help, he said, “We need to get healthy and work as a team.”

Caitlyn Grady scored one goal with 50 minutes on the clock.

When Veltri was asked what his strengths were, he said, “Relatability, understanding and communication.

Mazzaferro scored twice with 72 minutes left on the clock.

When Veltri was asked why he admires pro league, he said, “I admire players that work hard and appreciate what they are doing.”

Emily Hahnel scored three times and was assisted by Trinity Meinhart and Katie Diem. There was 27 minutes left on the clock.

When Veltri was asked what college coach had an impact on him and why, he said, “My college coach had a big impact on my coaching style.”

“He was very calm and a good communicator.”

When Bough scored three times and was assisted by Amanda Cripps.

When Veltri was asked how much time your women soccer team spends practicing during the week, he said, “We typically train two hours a day with one day off.”

Veltri said, “We also lift weight two times per week.”

When Cripps scored three times and was assisted by Djenaba Thiam.

When Veltri was asked what he likes about coaching the women’s soccer team, he said, “I recruited all of them, so I enjoy talking, working with them and seeing them grow day to day.”

 The game leaders of Niagara University squad were Bough, who is No. 55. When Bough was asked what position she plays, Bough said, “Center forward/center midfield.”

She scored two times.

When Veltri was asked how his team was progressing since he’s been coaching, he said, “I’ve been coaching for 25 years at NU so, overall, we have greatly improved since the time I took over.”

When Cripps, who is No. 9, scored one time. Mazzaferro, who is No. 11, scored one time. Grady, who is No. 6, scored one time.

When Veltri was asked what he plans on achieving as a coach for the women’s soccer team, he said, “Our goal is to win another MAAC championship.”

The Niagara University women’s soccer team performed well versus St. Peter. They controlled the ball to the end of the game. They made five important goals, which gave them the game. They scored 6-0 in an Oct. 11 game. As the clock ran out, the other team had control of the ball. They couldn’t put the ball in Niagara University net, so Niagara University goalie Agnes Stenlund proved herself to her team. She was a very good defensive player. She caught the soccer ball with her hands, many times. She positioned the ball, in the direction she wanted to kick it.

When Bough was asked to explain where she won her trophies and why were the trophies given, she said, “At Niagara, I have won most improved female athlete and my team won Women’s Team of the Year.”

She didn’t have much on to defend herself from the opposite team, but kicked the ball far.

Stenlund switched up her style of playing soccer when the heat was on. She would throw the ball instead of kicking it.

Veltri said, “There were 17 injuries this year, and the women had been replaced.”

Mazzaferro and Bough scored in the big game. They moved nicely across the field. They ran with stride toward St. Peter goalie. They scored for their team’s victory. Bough found the back of the net while Diem and Meinhart teamed up to find Hahnel near the goalie. They aggressively handled the soccer ball to defeat St. Peter College.



This is a Niagara University student-created piece completed as part of the course CMS 226A. For more information, contact the Niagara Frontier Publications’ managing editor.

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