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Niagara University `Ultimate Cake Competition` images courtesy of Wilmark Group
Niagara University "Ultimate Cake Competition" images courtesy of Wilmark Group

Metz Culinary Management holds 'Ultimate Cake Competition' at Niagara University


Tue, May 2nd 2023 11:05 am

Metz Culinary Management held its annual “Ultimate Cake Competition” at Niagara University in March. This year, eight student teams participated in decorating an 8-inch round cake, with students voting for the best design.

“The Metz team coordinates a yearly ‘Ultimate Cake Competition’ at Niagara University to spark student engagement and get students excited about working together in a spirit of fun and shared creativity,” said Emily Scarsella, Metz marketing manager. “We also hold both gingerbread and chef competitions every year, but the ‘Ultimate Cake Competition’ in the spring seems to be the favorite among the students.”

Teams were made up of friends just getting together, or university athletes representing specific sports groups. The competition was staged with tables arranged in a square configuration with decorating supplies on a separate table in the middle. Members of eight teams had just one hour to grab ingredients from the decorating supply table and create their masterpieces. All cakes remained on display for one week, and students voted in person or online for their favorite. All winning team members received Amazon gift cards.

Niagara University “Ultimate Cake Competition” images courtesy of Wilmark Group


“It is exciting to see these students work together in a culinary project and just have fun together,” said Megan Szczygiel, Metz admin. “All of our student competitions, cake decorating, gingerbread-building and chef competitions are designed to promote student comradery around the college dining experience.”

Metz Regional Executive Chef Anthony Renda said, “We plan to expand the ‘Ultimate Cake Competition’ to other university dining partners in the near future. The students have a really good time expressing themselves through this event and others like it.”

About Metz Culinary Management

Metz Culinary Management was established in 1994 by entrepreneur John C. Metz as a custom dining management service company with a “Guest First” philosophy serving a variety of market segments, including health care, corporate dining, higher education and independent and public-school dining. With the energy and foodservice experience of his son, CEO Jeff Metz, the company continues to expand its footprint and bring innovation to the food service management business. Rated one of the top 20 foodservice management companies in the country, Metz collaborates with its clients to deliver restaurant-inspired experiences to each and every guest. Covering fast casual to fine dining, Metz embraces high standards for ethical responsibility, environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyles through the creation of healthy meals that support wellness.

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