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'Duff Takes the Cake' with host and star Duff Goldman. (Food Network photo)
'Duff Takes the Cake' with host and star Duff Goldman. (Food Network photo)

'Duff Takes the Cake' with showstopping cake creations on new Food Network series


Wed, Mar 20th 2019 05:10 pm

Premieres Monday, April 15

For years, Duff Goldman has designed top-tier cakes for renowned clients – desserts that are beyond their wildest imaginations. Now, the “Ace of Cakes” star is using his artistry to create amazing, showstopping cakes for deserving people on “Duff Takes the Cake.”

Beginning Monday, April 15 (10 p.m.), Duff and his A-team of talented designers, builders and cake decorators are engineering epic creations for good-hearted people serving their communities to celebrate special milestones. In five half-hour episodes, Duff and co. work around the clock to meet impossible deadlines, defeat design challenges, and overcome delivery obstacles.

The reactions to their incredible designs are always the icing on the cake!

"Viewers will be amazed by the unrestrained creativity and ingenuity of the one-of-a-kind, impressive cake designs that Duff and his extraordinary team of artists create," Food Network President Courtney White said. "No job is too big, and no detail is too small, adding a mix of intensity and entertaining comedy to the series."

Throughout the series, Duff and his team transform last-minute, heartfelt requests into innovative cakes in just days, often facing unforeseeable challenges. From birthday cakes for kids who survived the Northern California wildfires, to an aquarium-themed cake to celebrate the hardworking volunteers at a local aquarium, and to very personal cakes for Duff's wedding reception, each one will require meticulous detail. Making it even more challenging, every cake must be intact and on time to some wild delivery locations. From an ice-cold plunge in a frozen mountain lake, to a fireworks festival in Los Angeles' Chinatown, and even the middle of a rodeo arena surrounded by 2000-pound bulls, nothing is too crazy as “Duff Takes the Cake!”

Fans can watch Duff take on wild culinary challenges by following #DuffTakestheCake, and they can get his inside tips to hone their baking skills. Plus, learn all about Duff at FoodNetwork.com/DuffTakestheCake.

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