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Jackie Hill Perry to unveil fearless new album, 'Crescendo'


Tue, Apr 24th 2018 01:30 pm
Female rapper, writer, preacher & poet balances strength, sensitivity on newest record
Birthed out of one of the busiest times of her life, Jackie Hill Perry will release her sophomore album, "Crescendo" (Humble Beast, Fair Trade Services), on May 11. The rapper, writer, preacher and poet presents a 14-piece collection of musical art that serves to reveal a journey that she has taken personally, spiritually and artistically. Amidst the rich tapestry of sounds, beats and words, the constant thread running through the growth-aligning "Crescendo" centers on Perry's sense of brokenness entrusted to God's care.
"A crescendo should be lowered at some point to grow," Perry explained. "It needs to include a place of lament. The truth of the Christian walk is weakness: It's riddled with suffering. I wanted an album that would carry the idea that how, when you grow in faith in Christ, your life gets louder. I wanted to make that connection: Our lives should be a constant crescendo. We should be growing in love for God and our neighbor. This is really a story about what it's like to grow."
Notable tracks found on "Crescendo" include, but are not limited to the urging first single "Fall Away," the courageous anthem "Woman," and the vulnerably driven "Mustard Seed." "No Ways Tired" finds Perry taking her cue (and her title) from the gospel classic by the Rev. James Cleveland, "I Don't Feel No Ways Tired," while "Lamentations," a track that features Latifah Alattas of Page CXVI, found its origin in one of the lowest parts of Perry's life.
In the spirit of growth and change, Perry said, "There's a big difference when you write a record as a 24-year-old as opposed to a 28-year-old. I approach melody, content and rapping differently. I've been five years married now. I have a toddler. I'm in a different season and grateful that it took so long, because it allowed me time to mature as a woman first."
"Crescendo" will be available at Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon.
About Jackie Hill Perry
Perry is a prolific writer, speaker and artist. Her work has been viewed by millions online and featured in publications such as the Washington Times, Desiring God and The Gospel Coalition, among others. She consistently tours at a wide range of speaking engagements and showcases, and has plans to release a book later this year.
"The Art Of Joy," released in 2014, marked her debut with Humble Beast Records.
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