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`Revolution` returned Monday on NBC. (NBC key art)
"Revolution" returned Monday on NBC. (NBC key art)

'Revolution': So that just happened ...

by jmaloni
Tue, Mar 26th 2013 10:10 am


by Joshua Maloni

There was a shocking turn of events on Monday's midseason premiere of "Revolution."

Danny Matheson, whose rescue dominated the first half of the season, was killed after firing a rocket into and destroying General Monroe's helicopters.

In a conference call with reporters last week, "Revolution" co-creator and Executive Producer Eric Kripke and star Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel Matheson) offered some explanation as to why the show went in this surprising direction.

Kripke was asked if he had any concerns viewers "might throw up their hands in exasperation that, after all the effort to get the brother back, the writers go and kill him right away."

His response was "no, we don't think so. I mean, I think it will be -- it's exactly the right type of shocking development that really ramps up everybody up emotionally towards -- ramps everybody up for their mission in the second half of the season and it just -- it really emotionally escalates everything."

When asked why Danny was killed, and not another character, Kripke said, "because we looked around and we needed a massive instigating incident to kick off the second half of the season, and every character needs an intense emotional drive and wants to face down General Monroe and to not do it just for political reasons, but do it for intensely personal and tortured reasons. And as the writers discussed it at length, we realized that this move would not only, I think, blow people's hair back, but really mobilize everybody -- mobilize all the characters -- to take the fight to Monroe in the most fraught and desperate way possible."

Near the end of the episode, a grieving Rachel pulled a pulsating, capsule-shaped item out of Danny's dead body. Though the world lost all electricity (batteries, too) during a global blackout 15 years earlier, somehow this object has remained active.

Mitchell was asked if viewers would find out more about this strange device, which was teased earlier in the show as saving a hospitalized Danny's life.

"I believe that we absolutely will, and it's really intriguing," she said. "I was intrigued by it as a nerd, so I think that you'll be satisfied -- as gratified."

Kripke has promised to answer many of "Revolution's" mythology questions within the midseason's first three episodes.

"Revolution" airs Monday at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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