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Dozens compete in Presti Kid's-only Karate tourney

by jmaloni
Fri, Apr 6th 2012 02:55 pm

On March 24, Presti Karate Centers hosted its 12th annual Kid's-only Karate tournament. A total of 150 children, ages 6 to 18, competed in weapons, kata and sparring.

Top finishers included:

Black Belt Division

•First place sparring: Chloe Tonellato, Adrian Adamus, Amanda Mrzygut and Chris Smith.

•First place kata: Carly Presti, Adrian Adamus, Philip D'Angelo and Shannon Myers.

•First place weapons: Carly Presti and Adrian Adamus.

•Second place sparring: Carly Presti, Robert Blakelock, Ariel Mrzygut and Philip D'Angelo.

•Second place kata: Chloe Tonellato, Ariel Mrzgut, Jacob Payne and Rory McGuire.

•Second place weapons: Jordan D'Angelo and Philip D'Angelo.

•Third place sparring: Shannon Myers and Joseph Roscetti.

•Third place kata: Chris Smith, Joseph Roscetti and Amanda Mrygut.

•Third place weapons: Chloe Tonellato.

Students below Black Belt Rank

•First place sparring: Britini D'Angelo, Jaspreet Kaur, Kameron McDonald, Paul Smith, Dominque James, Mary Cameron, James Kramp, Madison Davidson, Cameron Jentons, Daniel Leonard, Nick Zaker, Joe Marra, Brett Sitzman, Asher Snell, Terrence Wilson, Cole Scofield, Romone Crockett, Gabriello Casilio, David Day, Michael Schipani, Conner Fitzsimmons, Alyayna Pipkins, Joshua Pittman, Richard Muldoon, Justin Sczepczenski, Lorelei Teamore and Roderic Cox-Cooper.

•First place kata: Skylor Storey, Madison Davidson, Alex Sandonato, Nick Zaker, John Delzoppo, Brett Sitzman, Asher Snell, Terrence Wilson, Aaron Kifer, Katelin Nagelhout, Dylan Annello, Haylet Schryver, Alexander Matuch, Michael Schipani, Michael Trappasso, William Macpherson, Richard Muldoon, Olivia Zappy and James Kramp.

•First place weapons: Britiani D'Angelo and Kyle McCoy

•Second place sparring: Owen Timian, Jack Schultz, Jarred Colburn Erek Pacia, Madasyn Weld, Brandon Davis, Lucas Kilmer, Angelo Colato, Aama Hall, Carly Ealy, Evan McCoy, Noah Fadel, John Delzoppo, Aaron Kifer, Riley Nedelko, Hayden Anello, Michael Jones, Ashton Redden. Gino Nichele, James Roman, Dakota Mettler, Gabe Steiner, Michael Orsi, William Macpherson, Mari Salada, Kira Zappy, Kyla Townsend, Hayden Anello and Miguelk Ortiz.

•Second place kata: Dakota Mettler, Madasyn Weld, Brandon Davis, Angelo Colato, Carly Ealy, Evan McCoy, Noah Fadel, Joe Mara, Trinity Jackson, Miachael Giannini, Joseph Beatty, Riley Nedelko, Joey Moote, Miguel Ortiz, Michael Jones, Avery Webb, Alayna Pipkins, Thomas Blakelock, Gabrielle Carter, Justin Sczepczenski and Jonathan Leonard.

•Second Place Weapons: Justin Gill and Grace Breen.

•Third place sparring: Grace Breen, Robert Licata, Antwan Garcia, Colin Walter, Dakota Mettler, Jonathan Moote, Skylar Storey, Alex Sandonato, Andrew Fortin, Trinity Jackson, Nathan Howard, Michael Giannini, Joseph Beatty, Joey Moote, katelin Nagelhout, Dylan Anello, Dalton Drake, Stephen Hannold, Thomas Blakelock, Gabrielle Carter and Jonathan Leonard.

•Third place kata: Maggie McAllister, Chase Langer, Keifer Myers-Saszck, Mary Cameron, Daniel Leonard, Luciano Licastro, Cole Scofield, Ramone Crockett, Hayden Anello, Gabriello Casilio, Christiano Casilio, Davis Day, Dalton Drake, Dominic Townsend, Luke Hooper, Gino Nichele, Gabriel Steiner, Cameron Smith, Mari Salada, Joshua Pittman, Kira Zappy, Lorelei Teamore and Cameron Jentons.

•Third place weapons: Jaspreet Kaur, Kathryn Licata and James Kramp.

(photos by Kevin and Dawn Cobello, www.kdactionphoto.com)

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