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Pictured from `Haven`: Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wournos and Emily Rose as Audrey Parker. (Photo by Chris Reardon/Syfy)
Pictured from "Haven": Lucas Bryant as Nathan Wournos and Emily Rose as Audrey Parker. (Photo by Chris Reardon/Syfy)
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'Haven': A tale of two Audreys

by jmaloni
Fri, Jul 15th 2011 04:35 pm

Behind the Screens with Joshua Maloni


Audrey Parker is Audrey Parker. ... Until she's not.

In terms of cliffhangers, the first season of Syfy's "Haven" was a doozey.

In the final minutes, oblivious Nathan (Lucas Bryant) revealed to Audrey (Emily Rose) that he can feel her (and the man can't feel anything, mind you); Audrey revealed that she's her mother (actually, she's the woman in the historic photo she pegged as her mother); and - get this - another FBI agent showed up ... and claimed she was Audrey Parker.

Are. You. Kidding me!?!

"I remember I did what I did with the script when I first read it: I threw it across the room and I was like, 'Oh, no. Oh, no. What does this mean?' " Rose says of the episode's final moment. "And I called my writer up right away and we were talking and I just was really confused, because I thought I was this FBI agent and I went through a lot of the emotions that Audrey went through when she discovered that she may not be who she thought she is the whole entire season.

"I had a pretty strong reaction, but then I was just really thankful that they did not tell me until later, because it kind of allowed me to really have that experience."

When "Haven" returns tonight (10 p.m. ET, Syfy), "I just know that we're going to come right back into where we left off, in terms of the questions of, you know, coming right back into the scene of where we find those three on the beach," Rose says. "And it's going to kind of explore - the first few episodes - kind of Audrey's personally exploring what this means if she's not who she thought she was. And then we're also going to go headlong into looking into each of the troubles of the week and more into the Town of Haven and where this all comes from."

While Haven (the town) is known for its "troubles," Rose says "Haven" (the series) has been a source of contentment. For the actress and sci-fi fan, Audrey Parker is a perfect role.

"The next step for me personally, in terms of acting, was to lead a show, and I really enjoyed the script and the story," Rose says. "Now, the fact that it was a Stephen King (project) was just like an added endorsement. It kind of felt like it would get a little bit more weight and attention from the get-go.

"My parents are huge sci-fi people, and I always say that, like, from a young age they kind of sat me down and were like, 'Let us introduce to you what is Star Wars.' And I come back from Disneyland not with, like, little princesses and things; I came back with Ewoks and going on the 'Star Wars' ride multiple times - and to me that was what was exciting."

Rose is fond of the changing nature of sci-fi. "Haven," like "Fringe" before it, and Syfy's new series "Alphas," offers more science and less fiction.

"I think I just really enjoyed, obviously, the kind of fantasy side of it, but all this kind of weird stuff that happened to Audrey in the town. But for me, I think what makes sci-fi exciting is when it is relatable, and when there is a reality that is sort of based in that you kind of can't deny," Rose says. "And I think this town and where we shoot and the stories that Stephen King, how he writes the characters, they offer that reality.

"I really related with the humanity and the groundedness of these characters, and then throwing them into that crazy world, to me is a lot more relatable than some of the more, like, spacey genres or things like that."

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