Summer is right around the corner (finally!)

by Amanda Medole

Buffalo is a city filled with endless opportunities for people of all ages during the summer months. Who isn't up for a fun time with friends, especially when food, drinks and music are involved? The various concerts that are held at Buffalo at the Harbor, along with the nearby restaurants and nightlife, allow everyone to experience a summer that is more than memorable.


Hosting concerts for 14 years, Buffalo's waterfront continues to entertain Western New Yorkers.

"I've been going to the concerts for the past seven years now," proclaimed Bev Summe of Akron. "I always look forward to the end of spring, because then I know the summer concerts are right around the corner."

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Top-notch customer service guaranteed at Blum's Swimwear and Intimate Apparel

by Angela Puzzella

When walking into Blum's Swimwear and Intimate Apparel, one is immediately taken aback at the size and expansive selection.

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Live from NU, it's 'Tuesday Night'

by Scott Reilly

It all started with a simple idea by Niagara student Jordan Hernandez. Why couldn't Niagara University have an "SNL"-esque sketch comedy show by students, for students? That was how "Tuesday Night Live" was born. "Tuesday Night Live," or "TNL," is the newest standard for student entertainment at NU, and it only seems to be growing.

"TNL" is a comedy show that began in the fall of 2012, themed around the life of an average Niagara student. Each show featured both live and pre-shot segments with a cast made up entirely of Niagara University students. With sketches and videos about the college's majors and college nightlife, "TNL" has managed to attract quite a bit of attention around campus.

"Our goal of the show is to make the show fun and appealing to the NU students and faculty," said "TNL" castmember Cody Heimbrock.

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How do students evaluate movies?

by Aubrey Petrone

Teenagers, specifically college students with a lot of free time, account for a large number of people frequently going to movie theaters. Students are always searching for a movie to see on the weekends.

The question is, how do these students chose which movies to go to, and spend the little money they have? Do they actually read movie critiques and professional views? Or do they just go by word of mouth?

When speaking with students around the Niagara University campus about how they evaluate which movies are worth seeing, their answers generally varied, but some websites were popular amongst a majority of the students.

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The featured articles on this news page were created by students working with the Niagara University Communication Studies Department.

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