Lewiston receives historic tollbooth

A tollbooth used at Lewiston's suspension bridge to Canada was gifted to the village last weekend. The structure was sitting in Cambria resident Bruno DiBella's backyard. A gift to the former homeowner, who served as a toll-taker, the tollbooth was transported to Cambria after the bridge was torn down in 1962.

At the request of Historical Association of Lewiston President Bruce Sutherland, Emery Simon of Simon Construction hauled the tollbooth to the home of Village Clerk Anne Welch. Her husband, Bob, a HAL board member, has offered to refurbish the tollbooth, which might be used in conjunction with the new Lewiston Welcome Center at Academy Park.

"The Historical Association would like (it) put in a place that the most people could see and enjoy its history," Sutherland said.  

Bob, Emery and Bruce are pictured below.

Click the images for larger pictures, and check out the video at the bottom of the page.

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