Silo serving 'Sand Dock Sundae'

Alan and Leanne 

The Silo Restaurant proprietor Alan Hastings sits next to NFP TV co-host Leanne Stuck, who was about to try the "Sand Dock Sundae," made fresh by manager Tyler S. (shown below).

New food challenge debuts at Lewiston restaurant

Watch Leanne try and eat the "Sand Dock Sundae"!


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Why do we all scream for ice cream?

Because we want more of it, of course.

Fortunately, The Silo Restaurant has us covered. The waterfront eatery has introduced a new dessert that is heavy in history and even heavier in scoops.

"This area was known as the sand docks, because the dredger used to dump the sand down below the docks," said Silo proprietor Alan Hastings. "There were piles of sand and kids used to play in it. Everybody has memories about that.

"We like to promote the history of this area, so we thought that the 'Sand Dock Sundae' would be a good way to do it."

The dish has nine scoops of ice cream - your choice of flavors - hot fudge, Oreo crumbles, whipped cream and Gummy worms.

"What it is, it's basically almost a gallon sand pale with a shovel that we've made - we've filled up with ice cream - and topped it off with Gummy worms and ground-up Oreos, and called it the 'Sand Dock Sundae.' "

That's right. You eat it with a shovel.

The "Sand Dock Sundae," which is perfect for sharing with a friend, or five, retails for $21.99.

"And we've got a challenge," Hastings said. "If you finish it, we give you a free T-shirt."

"In the spirit of Adam Richman and 'Man v. Food,' we really felt it was the next step to take," he said.

Those who finish the bucket of bliss can claim eternal bragging rights.

And a little Silo swag, too.

"If you do it, you deserve a T-shirt," Hastings said.

The Silo Restaurant is located at 115 N. Water St., Lewiston. Visit The Silo online at

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