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New recycling bins, like the one shown in this photo, were delivered this week, courtesy of Modern Disposal Services.
New recycling bins, like the one shown in this photo, were delivered this week, courtesy of Modern Disposal Services.

Modern launches new 'Pathway' in Lewiston

Fri, Feb 2nd 2024 11:00 am

New, expanded services showcase latest technology in town

By Terry Duffy


As February opens, long-awaited service changes are now moving ahead with Modern Disposal Services – welcome news for Town of Lewiston residents.

Following last summer’s announcement before the Lewiston Town Board by Modern CEO Michael P. McInerney, the company has been busy preparing a revised service operations plan covering recycling, trash pickups and more for residents. Titled “Pathway to a Sustainable Lewiston” (https://www.pathway-lew.com/), the new, four-phase service update debuted this past week with the distribution of thousands of 96-gallon (or 65-gallon for smaller users) wheeled recycling totes at residential addresses, intended to replace those familiar, 18-gallon tote boxes residents had been using for years. Known as “Revamped Recycling,” this marks phase 1 of Modern’s updates.

“We aim to improve this; employ the latest technology. We aim to showcase the latest technology to our home base in Lewiston,” McInerney said. The company seeks to improve the aesthetics of its services in Lewiston and “create a cleaner, quieter community.”

McInerney said those “targeted problems” include addressing loosely discarded trash and recycling items that await pickups, and reducing vermin, while “enhancing the service performance in the community” that Modern has served for more than 50 years.

“This four-phase sustainability program will optimize Lewiston's waste and recycling collection services for a brighter, more responsible, and environmentally sustainable future,” the company stated.

As part of phase 1, Modern is expected to launch a new five-day collection schedule starting Feb. 5.

“Modern will be overhauling the current recycling program for the Town of Lewiston,” McInerney said. “We will be providing all customers (including residents of Tuscarora Nation) with recycling carts to replace the open-top bins that have been used to date. The goal of this overhaul is to improve both the overall rate of recycling and the throughput of recycling, while allowing for a more efficient service schedule spread across a five-day weekly period.”

Other components of the “Pathway to a Sustainable Lewiston” service update include:

•A new collection schedule. “To increase route efficiency and improve our ability to be responsive, we will introduce a new collection schedule,” McInerney said. “Instead of the entire Town of Lewiston being serviced on Mondays, we will spread service out over five days each week.”

Collections will now be scheduled according to the residential address. Checking out the color-coded service map found on the “Pathway” site, Modern trash pickups will be targeted in the northwest areas of the town (excluding the Village of Lewiston) on Monday and Tuesday. Crews will then cover the town’s eastern areas, including the Tuscarora Nation on Wednesday, and wrap up the week up the hill Thursday and Friday in the Lewiston estates neighborhoods and Sanborn areas.

Modern said residents will see a number of positives with the new format, including enhanced efficiency of service; an overall reduced impact on the community from the single day pickups; fewer collection vehicles in use (reducing carbon footprint); and the ability for Modern to now collect from the entire Lewiston service community, including the Tuscarora Nation.

•Bulk trash concierge service. “At Modern, we understand that every resident can and will have unique trash situations from time to time,” McInerney said. “Perhaps they’ve undertaken a spring cleaning or remodeled a bathroom or bought some new furniture, creating an excess of bulk trash that simply doesn’t fit in traditional containers. In an effort to streamline services and avoid unsightly piles of trash, we will be implementing an overhauled bulk trash service.”

Modern said three core objectives are part of its new offering for residents: an expansion of Modern’s Community Recycling Center, increasing drop-off availability to seven days a week; expanding its universal waste management services, including drop-offs for electronics, batteries, mercury-containing equipment, pesticides, lamps and aerosol cans; and scheduling bulk trash pickups with assistance for residents.

•Automated trash collections. According to Modern, “Phase 3 continues the path towards the most modern, efficient waste collection management service available with the introduction of automated trash collection. Similar to the recycling initiative from phase 1, Modern will provide 96-gallon trash carts to each residence. Additionally, we will be upgrading our automated fleet to utilize compressed natural gas (CNG), which will lead to quieter vehicles, reduction in emissions, and a full-circle green solution that maximizes our commitment to green service.”

•New organic collection services. “A truly sustainable, modern waste collection service should include recycling, trash and organic collection,” the company noted. “The final phase of the ‘Pathway to a Sustainable Lewiston’ program introduces a voluntary food waste and composting program. Modern will utilize dedicated organic receptacles, specialized collection vehicles, in-house composting capability, and innovative partnerships with digester facilities to create a truly sustainable end-to-end green organic waste management system.”

Officials at Modern encourage residents to visit the “Pathways” link (https://www.pathway-lew.com/) to learn more of this new service. The detailed site provides expanded information on the new phases, helpful FAQs, and what to expect as the company launches this unique offering in the Town of Lewiston.

For more, call Modern at 716-754-8226.

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