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The Vintage Barber uses a `sandwich board` sign to attract customers.
The Vintage Barber uses a "sandwich board" sign to attract customers.

Village of Lewiston updates proposed 'sandwich board' sign law

by jmaloni
Fri, Jun 23rd 2023 11:20 am

By Joshua Maloni

GM/Managing Editor

Following a robust conversation with business owners on Tuesday, the Village of Lewiston has revised its proposed changes to the “sandwich board” sign law.

As per merchant requests, the zoning officer would play a larger role in approving the exterior marketing materials.

The updated text of the suggested law is as follows:


To adopt Local Law No. 15-2023 – amend Section 13 (Sign Regulations) to read:

B. Definitions

Change number 25 to:

“A-Frame/Vertical Sign” – a hinged freestanding sign that is composed of two sign faces, unattached to any building or ground surface and which opens in an “A” shape or a Vertical sign.

C. Prohibited Signs

Item 13 – No A-frame/Vertical board signs of any size, shape or design shall be permitted within the public right-of-way of village streets. Upon submission of application and all requested information, the Village Zoning Officer may grant approval for one A-frame/Vertical sign per business. Evidence of insurance coverage for the sign must be submitted with the application, as well as an image of the proposed location of the A-frame/Vertical sign. If approved, the use of one A-frame/Vertical sign would not be counted towards the allowed signage. The sign must be non-illuminated, not exceed 8 square feet in area and 4 feet in height and have nothing attached to it. In order to be eligible for authorization of an A-frame/Vertical sign, the business is required to have an approved sign by the Planning Commission (Refer to Section 13 – Sign Regulations of the Village Code). The use of an A-frame/ Vertical sign is only permitted during the business’ hours of operation. The business is to put the A-frame/Vertical sign out no sooner than open of business and remove by close of business and be sufficiently secure to prevent movement from the wind. Any weights or cords used with the sign must also be taken in with the sign. Placement will not obstruct free egress from a window, door, or a fire escape and will not interfere with vehicular or pedestrian access or visibility. Failure to comply with the requirements detailed above may result in the revocation of the special use permit, and or $100 fine. The Village Zoning Officer has the right to collect the A-Frame/Vertical sign, if it is left out past the business open hours.


Village of Lewiston Mayor Anne Welch said the Board of Trustees seeks additional input from business owners before putting the proposed law on a meeting agenda for a vote.

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