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A unique holiday experience.
A unique holiday experience.

The Rockettes are back for Christmas!

CMS 120A capstone project

Mon, Nov 25th 2019 05:10 pm

By Mikayla DaCosta

Special to Niagara Frontier Publications

New York City. A beautiful place for the holidays. A massive Christmas tree located in Rockefeller Center, Christmas shops with lights, and music on every corner. One place, in particular, stands out in the city during the festive season – it’s known as Radio City Music Hall.

Radio City Music Hall opened in December of 1932 and later became a designated landmark in the Rockefeller plaza. Of course, there are several activities taking place in New York City as the holidays are quickly approaching, but “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular” is an “unforgettable experience,” Traci DaCosta says.

“The Radio City Christmas Spectacular” began in 1933 very shortly after the hall’s opening. This show is full of dancing and singing brought to you by the Rockettes, a “36-strong world famous dance troupe,” as New York City Theatre describes them.

The Rockettes are truly beautiful women, using their long legs to their advantage. The synchronized dancing, high kicks, and joyous singing is not all “The Radio City Christmas Spectacular” brings to the table. Santa Clause will be there, too, driving his sleigh through the night, teaching lessons on the true meaning of Christmas and so much more. 

Performances include “The 12 Days of Christmas,” “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” and “The Nutcracker.” The show also offers a live Nativity and phenomenal costumes made of Swarovski crystals, which bring the stage to life. 

“The Christmas Spectacular” uses a technology system to carry the display onto the walls of Radio City Music Hall. As the Rockettes dance, sing and the orchestra plays, you may see bells chiming on the walls, snow falling from the ceiling, or elves fixing up toys for Christmas alongside the stage. Before the show, everyone is given a pair of 3-D glasses. Shortly after the opening, the Rockettes – dressed as reindeer – pull Santa's sleigh through the night, delivering toys on the way. During this time, the 3-D glasses can be worn to make you feel as if you are sitting right next to Santa himself.

Children, adults, boys and girls are welcome to enjoy this experience equally, as the show appeals to all.

DaCosta recently brought her two daughters to see “The Christmas Spectacular” show.

“The show is so much more than just singing and dancing,” she says. “Such meaning is conveyed to the audience through every word said on stage. Those dancers are insanely talented and I would love to thank them for such an amazing performance.” 

Not only is the performance outstanding in itself, Radio City Music Hall is a wondrous place, with a Christmas tree-shaped chandelier hanging from the ceiling with crystals gleaming as the light reflects off of them; a magical staircase going up and back down; and families all around with the same purpose in mind: To enjoy the magic of Christmas.

The New York Preservation Archive Project states, “As one of the principal achievements of the Art Deco style and as one of the finest theater designs in the country, the interior of Radio City Music Hall is of unique importance to the history of American architecture.”

With various renovations and the idea of modernization, The Radio City Music Hall stands strong to this day. 

VIP Elite Experience allows one to enjoy a pre-show reception in the Roxy suite with Santa and the Rockettes, plus Q&A with the Rockettes, and a stage door tour that gives a “behind-the-scenes look” at “The Christmas Spectacular.”

But that's not all Radio City Music Hall has to offer. 

“Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes” also presents “Rockettes Advanced” and “Rockettes 101,” two huge opportunities to meet and dance with the Rockettes.

“Rockettes Advanced” is a three-hour class with the Rockettes. Minimal training is required. “Rockettes 101” allows one to learn the original choreography from the show, as taught by one of the Rockettes (no training required). The idea of dancing with the Rockettes fills the dreams of many children, and this opportunity will give them a chance to achieve that dream.

“The whole experience of Radio City Music Hall is breathtaking!” Amanda Micale says. “The outside looks just like the rest of the buildings in NYC, then you go through the doors and it's like theater heaven. The Rockettes made Christmas come alive on stage. Everything from the soldier dance and signature kick line to the live nativity and Santa was very well performed!”

The holidays can bring enough cheer to brighten up anyone's life, and the Rockettes really help. Every year, the Rockettes come to spread their magic through Radio City Music Hall and each year something new is added: costume modifications, new light shows, drones drawing patterns over the walls. New choreography also is introduced each year, through the Rockettes stick with a few traditions – such as the kick lines, of course!

“The Rockettes is an amazing experience for everyone. Boys, girls, moms and dads. This show is honestly for anyone and I go every year,” Pam Dixon says. “There are always surprises and new things added each year I go and, trust me when I say, I have never been dissapointed one bit. I enjoy all 90 minutes of the ‘Spectacular!’ ”

To purchase tickets for “The Christmas Spectacular starring the Rockettes,” visit one of these websites to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience!



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