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Day one of the 2017 Lewiston Art Festival.
Day one of the 2017 Lewiston Art Festival.

Lewiston Art Festival goes on Saturday, despite heavy rains; Sunday sizzles with drier weather

by jmaloni
Sat, Aug 12th 2017 06:00 pm
Grand Island takes another Chalk Walk Competition title
Though local TV meteorologists called for a dry Saturday post-noon, it rained on the Lewiston Art Festival throughout the late afternoon and early evening.
A lot.
One downpour near the 3 p.m. hour threatened the Chalk Walk Competition, but quick-thinking high school teams and coaches were able to protect the student art and preserve it for judging.
Following about 90 minutes of sun, an even heavier downpour began just as the Chalk Walk results were being announced.
Once again, the students from Grand Island High School took first place. The Vikings have finished in the top three under many Megan Gaiek-led squads. This year's team included Julie Klein, Tess Lariviere and Kelsey Mahoney.
Grand Island also won the People's Choice Award.
Lewiston-Porter Team No. 1 took second place. Members included Adriana Bolender, Hannah Mergi and Karrigna Rotella. Cindy Sanchez served as instructor.
This year's theme was "Interconnected."
As the voting totals were announced, the chalk began to pool into colorful streams and run down Center Street. (See below.)
Despite the weather, the Art Festival did draw large crowds throughout the day, and vendors reported brisk sales.
Lewiston's fine art showcase continued Sunday, with larger crowds and live music at points along the road.
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** = College Alley
Best Of Show
Suzanne O'Brien, "Newspeak" (fiber)
Painting: Oil & Acrylic
  • First place: Samuel Whitehead, "Flannels #3 Fielder"
  • Second place: Jeff Lindgren, "Summer of Love"
  • Third place: Maria Laurendi, "Boat Houses on the Canal"       
  • Honorable mention: Dave Pollot, "We were here but departed"
Painting: Watercolor
  • First place: Kathleen Dworak, "Coils & Chrome"
  • Second place: Mary Anne Cappellino, "Snow Scene"    
  • Third place: Frederic Proctor**, "Bang Wa Temple"       
  • Honorable mention: Mary Furlong, "Vienne, France"
  • First place: Jerome Bianchi, "Texture Junction"
  • Second place: Michael Shriver, "Times Beach Nature Preserve"
  • Third place: Adam Swift, "Silo City"
  • Honorable mention: Tabitha Kilpatrick, "Fire Hoses"
Graphic Arts & Drawing
  • First place: Jessica Gadra, "Grouchy House"
  • Second place: Chris Charles, "Smile"
  • Third place: Amanda Polanski, "Just Sittin' "
  • Honorable mention: Nia Puccio**, "Skull"
  • First place: John Formato, "Sea Turtle"
  • Second place: Bud Scheffel, "Stable right angle"
  • Third place: Colleen Williams, "Eden"
  • Honorable mention: Mark English, "Escape"
Mixed Media
  • First place: Mary Jane Piccuirro, "Spirit in the Forest"   
  • Second place: Suzanne Mair, "The earth is the lord's and all that is in it"
  • Third place: Lisa Arkus, "Rabbit"
  • Honorable mention: Britanny-Bay Croyle**, "The Deer on Grandma's Wall"
Artistic Craft: Jewelry
  • First place: Mark Van de Bogart, "Tourmaline Treasure"
  • Second place: Bonnie Heddon, "Tourmaline Drops"      
  • Third place: Dale Bosworth, "Vantilas"
  • Honorable mention: Lisa Ballowe, "Pearlicious"
Artistic Craft: Other (glass, wood, fiber ceramic, etc.)  
  • First place: Michael Gotthelf, "965 Yew"      
  • Second place: William Shearrow, "Hummingbird Mosaic"
  • Third place: Bonnie Eastwood, "Weeping Cherry"
  • Honorable mention: Robert Quintero, "Crazy Boots"
Best Booth Display
No. 488, Kim and Chuck Peashey
KeyBank Chalk Walk Competition
√ First place: Grand Island: Julie Klein, Tess Lariviere, Kelsey Mahoney
√ Second place: Lewiston Porter Team No. 1: Adriana Bolender, Hannah Mergi, Karrigna Rotella
√ Third place: West Seneca West Team No. 5: Alyssa Smolinski, Meredith Finn, Alisia Falise
√ People's Choice Award: Grand Island
√ Chairman's Choice: Lewiston Porter Team No. 3: Madison Lohr, Emma Abberer, Giana Lopez
Suzanne O'Brien, "Newspeak" (fiber)
O'Brien, of Cheektowaga, took a second-place ribbon in 2016. Her brand, ZanieCrafts, is online at www.zaniecrafts.com, www.facebook.com/zaniecrafts and on Instagram @zaniecrafts.

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