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'90s fashion makes a comeback

Mon, Apr 24th 2017 08:40 pm

By Brigid Burns and Heather Gervasi

Special to NFP

2017 fashion has gone back in time, bringing back the '80s and '90s trends that everyone has always seemed to love. Not only are mom jeans and graphic band tees making an appearance, thrift shopping has become a larger fad that many people have taken advantage of; buying and donating clothes equally.

"To wear the '90s fashion trend in 2017, styles need to be reworked so that they are relevant in today's culture. Instead of copying looks exactly as they were in the '90s, recreate them in a modern and updated way," says Taylah Brewer from the Trendspotter. (https://www.thetrendspotter.net/2016/03/how-to-rock-the-90s-fashion-trend-in-2016.html)

Even though there is a '90s revival, no time machine can take us back to creating the perfect outfit in this new age. Adding '90s-inspired pieces to different outfits brings back the iconic era of very popular items such as overused denim, high-top sneakers and flannels.

In the '90s, jeans were high-waisted, tighter, and a majority of the time they were ripped. Most high-waisted jeans were worn with crop tops. Today, '90s jeans take on a modern twist. Many high-waisted jeans tend to be looser and are usually cuffed at the ankles. Crop tops aren't worn as much with these types of jeans today. Rather, tucked-in loose graphic tees seem to be a popular alternative complemented by high-top sneakers, creating a more comfortable style.

Another favored '90s piece is flannels. One can either wear these normally or tie them around the waist to add a more simple detail to the outfit.


Graphic tees are making a comeback - they are comfortable, yet the "grunginess" of the older artists or sayings found on the shirts provide a unique quality to each individual who chooses to wear them. For instance, this David Bowie tee can easily make others jealous, wishing they were able to snag a shirt just like that for themselves.

Flannels being tied around the waist seem to be worked quite often. They're simple and add color to any outfit while keeping the '90s aesthetic that everyone wants to perfect. Obviously, these don't need to just be worn around the waist, but adding that staple piece allows you feel more comfortable with this accessory instead of the normal dangling necklace.

Mom jeans have taken a 180-degree turn, since actual moms aren't seen wearing these as much as teenagers and young adults. Rolled at the ends and complemented with a black belt, this trend has come full circle and can be found in almost every closet. While they seem to complete the entire '90s vibe, these jeans are incredibly universal and have a wide variety for every person.

Along with jeans and T-shirts, sneakers are a huge fashion statement that have been around for many years. High-top sneakers are notorious for being one of the most well-known '90s trends. High-top sneakers back then, as well as today, mainly pair with high-waisted jeans. The sneakers come in a variety of colors, but the most popular colors worn are the original white and black Converse.

Along with the '90s fad, the idea of thrift shopping has been taken advantage of by many people. Thrifty alternatives are perfect for those who want a more unique aesthetic at a cheap price. Then, at their own leisure, they can donate clothes to help the less fortunate.

Thrift stores are one of the main places to buy '90s staple pieces. What's convenient about thrift stores is that there are different styles for males and females. Some of these styles include printed sweaters and button-down shirts, big glasses, and a variety of different belts.

Button-down shirts for males, or females, were big fashion statements in the '90s. A lot of these shirts were printed or color blocked. Not a lot of shirts from the '90s were neutral. They were mainly bright or muted colors.

Another staple piece to go along with the funky shirts were big, round glasses. Glasses were used a lot to accessorize, whether they were fake or real. They added a lot of flare and completed any outfit.

Belts were a big accessory to use with high-waisted pants back then and are slowly making more and more appearances.


Thick-framed glasses were staple pieces everyone wanted - even if their vision was perfect. They came in many different styles, but the most well-known pair had rounded frames. The demand for fake glasses increased as people all over the world wanted to change the realistic aspect of glasses and turn them into a fashion movement.

Along with '80s and '90s apparel being found in many high-end stores such as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Free People, thrift stores work just as well - and for a cheaper price. Finding older shirts adds a rare flare to any outfit combo and can definitely take you and everyone around you back in time.

Even though these fashion trends seemed to be very popular, they were not the only styles being shown off. There are countless other options that could be chosen from to really wear your heart on your sleeve. A couple of these options are jelly sandals and choker necklaces.

In the '90s, there was an array of chokers. The majority of them were plastic, while others were candy or full of pearls. In 2017, we have taken the initiative to change the style a little more and begin wearing chokers that are velvet, leather or even lace.

Charles Manning of Cosmopolitan magazine states, "Now chokers often rest at the base of your neck, instead of on your throat, and the pendants that hang from them aren't just dinky little hearts and 'hope medallions — they're bigger, heavier, and more abstract." (http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/advice/a5840/nineties-fashion-trends/)

This fad has brought back the realization that we don't need to have longer, dainty necklaces to make a statement. We can easily use chokers to show off other parts of our bodies that tend to be forgotten.

Another fashion trend that is being revived today are the classic jelly sandals. These shoes are surprisingly comfortable and they bring about a new level of style that many people seem to overlook.

"This nostalgic '90s trend essentially gives you a second chance to relive the glory of your childhood. This time, it's even better because you're not an awkward, brace-faced preteen," says Kaylin Pound of Elite Daily. (http://elitedaily.com/women/jelly-sandals-wore-little-girl-making-comeback/1053809/)

Throughout our childhood, jelly sandals were mainly clear and plastic, sometimes even glittery. They were seen on younger girls in elementary school. Today, jelly sandals are worn by people of all ages, coming in a mix of colors and patterns. These shoes take rain boots to a new level that anyone can reach.

The 2017 fashion trends can be compared to classic films like "Pretty in Pink," freshening up your own styles and strutting your stuff while others wish they could be like you. The catch is, they can.

If you want to get the ideas flowing, check Pinterest to find all the latest styles that you can rock. Anyone has the ability to transform these outfits from the '80s and '90s into their own creations, and that's the beauty of these eras. Take vintage pieces and put them into more modern outfits, making a truly memorable fashion statement now and for years to come. This is nostalgia at its finest and that's what makes fashion really remarkable.

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