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Islander Kara Dudley finds moment in Internet spotlight

by jmaloni
Wed, Jul 23rd 2014 11:00 am

by Allison Deutschman and Larry Austin

A Grand Islander stole the spotlight from a famous Victoria's Secret model Monday and ended up on the front page of various international news websites.

Island native Kara Dudley is the anonymous woman seen upstaging supermodel Karlie Kloss in several Internet photos posted July 21 on celebrity websites. Dudley was photographed coming out of a New York City shop after searching for Taylor Swift, who had appeared to have gone into it earlier. She saw the paparazzi, but was oblivious to the statuesque Kloss, who was standing directly behind her. Dudley posed as if the cameras were present to photograph her. The photos made such websites as "Good Morning America," ABC Pop, Cosmopolitan UK, The Daily Mirror, UsMagazine.com, MTV.com, and even ninemsn.com.au in Australia.

This was not the first time Dudley was in the presence of a star, since she moved to the city in January. She encountered Ray Romano outside a comedy club, and they had a conversation. The lack of engagement between Dudley and Kloss, however, makes their exchange - or lack thereof - more memorable. Before the accidental photo bombing, Dudley had no idea who Karlie Kloss was. Now she may never forget.

"I had no idea she was behind me, until I saw the pictures," Dudley said.

The spontaneous moment has made headlines that included "Girl steals supermodel's spotlight," and "Woman Didn't Realize Paparazzi Were Taking Pics of Karlie Kloss, Not Her."

Cosmopolitan.co.uk wrote, "Random posing girl, we salute you." Cosmo used the photos of Kloss in a report called "23 Celebrities Who Look Flawless Even in Workout Clothes."

Dudley is enjoying the media attention, hoping it will help her as she pursues a career in modeling and acting.

ABC News said of Dudley, "To the woman's credit, she did look great in jean shorts and a black tank." Wrote one person in the comments section: "Good for her. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if, in a few years, the paparazzi ARE waiting for her."

Dudley, the daughter of Lisa and Michael Dudley of Grand Island, is a 2010 graduate of Grand Island High School and a 2014 graduate of The College at Brockport.

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