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'Best for Food': Join the welcoming celebration

by jmaloni
Mon, Jun 18th 2012 11:30 am

Bring homemade signs, posters and placards

by the Historical Association of Lewiston

Grab your Sharpie, markers and some poster board and let your creative juices flow: We need your help in welcoming the judges who are coming to determine which small town in America will be crowned "Best for Food."

Homemade welcome signs, placards and posters are needed to greet our national judges and the Travel Channel for the welcome party as Lewiston competes for the title "Best for Food" small town in the USA.

Pump yourself with enthusiasm, throw the kids in the car, and head down to The Silo Restaurant (115 N. Water St.) this Wednesday, June 20, at 6:30 p.m. and get yourself ready to give a rousing Lewiston welcome.

Give judges Mike and Brian (the "Road Bros") a big cheer as they get out of their car and set foot in Lewiston for the first time!

The Silo is randomly giving away 120 free T-shirts. So to commemorate the occasion, have a pen or Sharpie ready to hand the judges so they can autograph your T-shirt. Or have them autograph your poster. You may get yourself on national TV!

There will be a festive music, banners and, of course, a cheering crowd that will welcome our guests with Lewiston's famous warmth and hospitality!

The Travel Channel network will be there, and its cameras will roll for a one-hour "Best of the Road" special on Wednesday, July 25 (8 p.m., hosted by Bert Kreischer). This is our chance to shine and let the world know that Lewiston's restaurants are second to none.

Quick Tips To Help Make Lewiston Shine

Give the judges a rousing welcome as Lewiston rolls out the red carpet. A national audience will be watching.

Here is a quick list of things you can do to help get Lewiston recognized as the "Best for Food" in the USA!

1) When you make your posters, placards or signs, use the judges' names: Mike and Brian. They are also known as the "Road Bros". You can duplicate the Best of the Road logo you see here: http://goo.gl/zW8ZJ.

2) Bring a sharpie or marker and ask the judges to autograph your T-shirts or posters at the reception.

3) You may be on national television, so look sharp and smile! Give the judges a big cheer when they get out of their car and greet the local folks for the first time. (We will attempt to give them a police escort down Center Street and to The Silo.)

4) Get the kids involved in the excitement and the hometown celebration.

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