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Rachel Platten (Photo credit: Jess Lynn Hess // courtesy of 2b Entertainment)
Rachel Platten (Photo credit: Jess Lynn Hess // courtesy of 2b Entertainment)

Breathe in ... breathe out - and fend off the 'Bad Thoughts' with Rachel Platten


Fri, Apr 26th 2024 07:50 pm

Press Release

Today, Emmy Award-winning multi-Platinum artist, singer, songwriter Rachel Platten helps us deal with our internal demons with her poignant song “Bad Thoughts” – offering solace and empowerment through her gorgeous melodies and inspirational lyrics. This song was borne from Rachel’s personal struggle with panic attacks, anxiety and depression – the guided breathwork interspersed between the choruses serves as gentle reminder to remain grounded and to find your breath.

Listen to “Bad Thoughts” here.

Rachel said, “I wrote ‘Bad Thoughts’ during an intense struggle with post-partum depression. When the darkness seemed all-encompassing and the battle with my thoughts became too much, songwriting was a form of medicine that helped me find my way back to myself … this song, in particular, was a lifeline. The guided breathwork cues that weave throughout the song are a small example of the lifesaving tools that saved me during the scariest moments when I didn’t recognize myself. The choruses are a declaration that, no matter how brutal my mind could be, there was still a part of me that was bigger than all of that noise, bigger than the bad thoughts, and accessing that part would be my guiding light out of the darkness. My wish is that this song may be that light for others.”

“Bad Thoughts” cover art courtesy of 2b Entertainment


Rachel’s 2023 single “Girls,” which marked Platten’s first new music since 2017, is now No. 9 at AC Radio. The song has been a top 10 gainer for 12 weeks in a row at radio. At Spotify alone, “Girls” has been added to over 188,000 personal playlists.

When the world first met Rachel, it came in the form of a proclamation of self: “Fight Song” became a global sensation, an inescapable battle cry that’s now been streamed more than a billion times and is as inextricable to modern pop culture as any one song could be. An artist as textured and rich as you’ll ever find, Rachel has spent the years since “Fight Song” building a foundation upon which she’s growing a powerful artistic legacy. What sets her apart is not just her captivating performances, but her significant role in the creative process – she is a performer, songwriter and producer on this record.

“Bad Thoughts,” “Mercy” and “Girls” will appear on Platten’s forthcoming album, due out later this year on her own Violet Records.

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