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Tim Walton to participate in 'Phantoms of the Opera Hall'

Mon, Mar 25th 2024 02:10 pm


The upcoming production of “Phantoms of the Opera Hall” will bring local celebrity Tim Walton back to his hometown when he takes on the role of the Rev. Lorenzo Dow.

Dow was a fiery preacher whose eccentric dress, style of preaching and fearless behavior attracted thousands of worshipers, including the faithful of Lewiston.

When offered the role, Walton said he “jumped at the opportunity” – and many say he was “typecast”!

Locals know or recognize Walton as a "rock star" of the “Summer of ’69,” a popular event that's been presented by Lewiston Council on the Arts since 2005.

He grew up in Lewiston and was heavily influenced by his experiences during the 1960s. His maternal grandfather, Edwin, founded Wendt’s Dairy and taught Walton the value of hard work and the success that comes from owning your own business.

After the Beatles appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” Walton immediately went to Brundo’s Music store, purchased a guitar and amp, and, with some friends, started the County Orphanage. 

The band eventually included Grammy Award-winning songwriter, musician and vocalist Gary Baker. Country Orphanage played local dances, the Peach Festival, parties and pizza joints.

Walton claims another influential ’60s experience was watching “Bonanza,” a popular TV show about Ben Cartwright and his sons living on a large ranch in the mountains of Nevada. The show inspired Walton’s love of skiing. He said, “the allure and stark beauty of the American Rockies was strong and I knew then, at age 12, that I would live my life in the mountains of the American west, where the mountains are huge, the powder skiing is deep, and the cattle outnumber the people.”

True to his word, Walton subsequently attended law school in Idaho where he eventually set up his private practice and, for the past 44 years has represented “the Davids of the world against the world’s Goliaths.”

Walton’s theatrical talents were polished over the years in courtrooms – and he will be “courting” the “Phantoms” audience with his musical acumen.

Every summer, Walton returns to the area and spends his summers living on his sailboat in Wilson. And every year, he reunites with the guys he made music with in the 1960s for the “Summer of ’69.”

“Phantoms of the Opera Hall” will be staged at the Historic Lewiston Opera Hall on Center Street at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, April 5-6, and at 2 and 7 p.m. Sunday, April 7.

Seating is limited, so get your tickets early! Tickets can be purchased online at


Please note that the performance venue is on the second floor, accessible only by stairs.

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