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LIVE! On Air Fallsview Balloon Ride (Image courtesy of LIVE! Incorporated)
LIVE! On Air Fallsview Balloon Ride (Image courtesy of LIVE! Incorporated)

World's largest helium balloon ride is coming to Niagara Falls, USA


Fri, Feb 23rd 2024 10:50 am

LIVE! Incorporated is getting ready to launch Niagara Falls, USA’s, newest attraction: The world’s largest tethered helium balloon, LIVE! On Air Fallsview Balloon Ride, is set to open in June and, organizers said, “will offer a brand-new view of the breathtaking falls from above and redefine the way visitors experience Niagara Falls, USA.”

A press release explained, “This new musical journey will take riders over 500 feet (150 meters) into the sky with panoramic views over the iconic Niagara Falls, and will host 180 riders of all ages per hour. Each flight promises an awe-inspiring perspective that will leave you captivated and in wonder of the natural beauty below. 

“LIVE! On Air Balloon will have a rock ’n’ roll theme to enhance the experience, featuring fun music and lighting from takeoff to touch down. Day trips will offer the best views of the falls, with evening trips presenting VIP views of the fireworks and falls illumination. It will also offer private events and group bookings that deliver an experience unlike any other.

“Imagine floating above the falls, surrounded by the melodies of the sky, and taking in the majestic scenery like never before.”

The LIVE! On Air Fallsview Balloon Ride will leave from 454 Main St., which is the former Rainbow Air and Hummingbird Helicopters landing pad. The first flight will take place in June, and the attraction will be open for group bookings this summer. 

More About LIVE! On Air and LIVE! Incorporated

A press release stated, “LIVE! Incorporated believes in the transformative power of entertainment. The mission is simple yet profound: to elevate the entertainment landscape in hotels, restaurants, attractions and concert venues, turning each event into a symphony of excitement and pure delight. Live performances, interactive installations, and curated playlists seamlessly integrate with the unique character of each space, creating an atmosphere where every note, every beat, and every flavor harmonize to create an immersive experience. 

“For more information and to be among the first to embark on this incredible journey, visit live-incorporated.com.”

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