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Soar 40:31 partners with Cru Buffalo for 'GoVember' worship night

Tue, Dec 12th 2023 04:05 pm

By Laila Barnes

Special to Niagara Frontier Publications

The Cause

Each year in the month of November, the Cru organization sponsors a host of “GoVember” events encouraging students to take part in sharing their Biblically based faith (the Gospel) within their sphere of influence. With a variety of resources available to students, spreading the Gospel can look like professing your faith through personal testimony over dinner, praying with someone in need at the local grocer, or even traveling abroad with Cru’s ministry to countries that are considered “unreached” within what scholars call the 1040 window encompassing a multitude of countries from Afghanistan to Guinea-Bissau, and everywhere in between where there is a prevalence of religious persecution at the hand of government regimes as some don’t allow varied religious expressions, and severely punish those in protest which prevents many civilians from having the opportunity to hear sound doctrine within the

Christian faith. While the United States is far from considered an “unreached” nation, the reality is that many citizens Christians pass by on a daily basis want to hear more about the faith, and how they can take part, and they need willing vessels who will take the chance and strike up a conversation despite how potentially nerve-racking it may be. With this in mind, Niagara University's Soar 40:31 student leadership sought to raise awareness about the cause in an on-campus event open to the public.



Worship Night

Proclaiming Jesus as the reason for the season, Niagara University’s Soar 40:31 organization hosted an all-cru Buffalo worship night event to bring in the holiday season. With a congregation of three Western, NY universities coming together with various musical giftings, a worship collective was formed. From the speakers, musicians, greeters, and facilitators this was a completely student-led event open to the public located in the heart of Niagara University’s Lewiston campus, the Gallagher center. Upon entering, attendees were welcome to join in with singing, dancing, or spirit-led prayer. Lining the walls of the Gallagher center were various prayer tables with model prayers for the nations, for one’s self, family and friends, and each college/university campus. In addition to the prayer tables, there was also a testimony chain table where students were free to write their testimonies (share of the goodness

of God in their lives) and link them together to form a “praise chain” Many students report experiencing the presence of God, and being “set free,” after attending.

Student Testimonies

It was releasing, very freeing, says Joshua Curtis ’24: “I feel joy, peace, and much better than when I came in.'' With a set list of 11 mainstream, and hymnal songs with themes ranging from the Gospel, and the attributes of God, to our need for a savior and our hope to look to.

Student director Felicita Velez says “I spent a lot of time with the Lord putting together these songs,” each song uniquely pieces together the story of our salvation from Genesis to Revelation.

“It was amazing just to see how wonderful God is, and how many students on campus from my time as a freshman to now want to be a part of this,” says Ava Manfree, ‘26.

Long after going through the set list, scripture readings, and being dismissed with the Aaronic blessing from Numbers 6:22-23, the fellowship continued with many students wanting more and looking to bond across campuses.



What’s Next

GoVember may be over, but the heart of Cru’s ministry is pressing forward well into the new year with various opportunities to do missional work abroad including a shorter vision trip to give prospective students a feel for what a summer-long mission trip to the middle east may entail, and even a Winter Conference Event from Dec. 28-Jan. 1 in Washington, D.C., for more information on how to get involved, visit the Cru website at www.cru.org.


This is a Niagara University student-created piece completed as part of the course CMS 226A. For more information, contact the Niagara Frontier Publications’ managing editor.

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