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`JFK: What The Doctors Saw` one-sheet courtesy of Paramount+ Press Express
"JFK: What The Doctors Saw" one-sheet courtesy of Paramount+ Press Express

'JFK: What The Doctors Saw' to premiere on Paramount+

Mon, Nov 6th 2023 04:10 pm

Press Release

Paramount+ announced the documentary feature “JFK: What The Doctors Saw” from See It Now Studios will premiere exclusively on the service, beginning Tuesday, Nov. 14, ahead of the 60th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Directed by Barbara Shearer (“Loving Elvis”), the film reveals startling medical observations about JFK’s wounds when seven doctors who were in the Parkland Hospital ER reunite to discuss a day none of them can forget. In never-before-seen footage from this reunion, the doctors share in vivid detail their indelible memories of what they did and saw in trauma room 1.

Several of those doctors there that day remain certain that what they saw looked like an entry wound – a bullet hole in JFK’s throat – an observation that contradicts what Americans have been told by numerous official investigations. This revelation would indicate that someone shot the president from the front, challenging the decades-old government narrative that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

“JFK: What The Doctors Saw” also examines the inconsistencies and gaps that plagued the official autopsy, raising even more questions about how many bullets hit the president and what damage they caused, leaving viewers with the looming question: Was there more than one shooter?

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