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Niagara Pride launches new initiative with focus on helping local communities


Mon, Oct 23rd 2023 12:45 pm

Niagara Pride is calling on local LGBTQ+ providers and community organizations to be part of the #WNYPrideNetworkForSocialGood. This Niagara Pride initiative will focus on ways LGBTQ+ organizations can unite to build bridges with other groups and agencies in order to improve Western New York.

Niagara Pride President Ronald Piaseczny said, “Doing socially conscious events and campaigns is nothing new for our organization. This year, we donated 7,000 pairs of socks to local homeless shelters. In years past, we have done food drives, clothing drives and backpack drives to benefit WNY residents. The only difference is now we are combining our various good works programs under the umbrella of WNY Pride Network For Social Good and asking other WNY-based LGBTQ+ organizations, nonprofits, and groups to work with us on our various campaigns to maximize the amount good we can do.”

The first campaign for WNY Pride Network For Social Good is asking for local LGBTQ+ organizations to encourage their staffs, board of directors, clients, consumers, friends and family to each start a giving box. Following the below schedule, each individual places the item mentioned in a box:

√ Nov. 1 – box of pasta

√ Nov. 2 – box of pasta sauce

√ Nov. 3 – box of stuffing

√ Nov. 4 – can of cranberry sauce

√ Nov. 5 – can of corn

√ Nov. 6 – can of peas

√ Nov. 7 – can of carrots

√ Nov. 8 – can of tomatoes

√ Nov. 9 – one box of cake mix

√ Nov. 10 – one box of crackers

√ Nov. 11 – bag of rice

√ Nov. 12 – can of beans

√ Nov. 13 – can of fruit

√ Nov. 14 – box of macaroni and cheese

√ Nov. 15 – can of tuna or chicken

√ Nov. 16 – package of oatmeal

√ Nov. 17 – box of cereal

√ Nov. 18 – jar of peanut butter

√ Nov. 19 – can of soup

√ Nov. 20 – jar of apple sauce

Once an individual collects all the items, the ask is that they take a picture, post it on Niagara Pride’s social media with the hashtag #WNYPrideNetworkForSocialGood, then deliver the box to a local food pantry of the individual’s choice.

Niagara Pride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving LGBTQ+ individuals and families in Niagara County and WNY. It offers educational programming, engages in charitable works, and offers social programming “to create safe and welcoming environment for all those who identify as LGBTQ+ living throughout WNY.” It relies primarily on donations to provide these services, and has no paid staff – only volunteers.

For more information about Niagara Pride, visit www.niagarapride.org, email [email protected], or find on Facebook (Niagara Pride (serving all of WNY) ).

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