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Image provided by by Supernova Dogs
Image provided by by Supernova Dogs

How to 'un-ruff' your life as a pet parent


Fri, Mar 24th 2023 09:50 am

If any of this sounds like your life, we have some great ideas to help tire your pup out – both physically and mentally

Guest Editorial by Supernova Dogs

Do you have any of these problems with your dog? 

√ Excessive barking

√ Digging

√ Restlessness

√ Tail chasing

√ Whining

√ Destroying things

Our dogs wait an entire day for us to come home and play with them – what they don’t realize is that we just spent the whole day tiring ourselves out with work, family and other obligations. We don’t necessarily have the energy to come home every day and provide the stimulation our dogs need from us.

Don’t worry, there are things you can do to help – enrichment games you can play and training options.

•Muffin Tin Game: Put treats in a muffin tin and cover the muffin tin wells with tennis balls or toys. Encourage your dog to lift or push the balls or toys out of the way to find the hidden treats.

•Find It Game: Level up mealtime by ditching your dog's food bowl. Hide portions of their food in small containers around the house, and teach your dog to search for their meal.

•Upcycle: Save toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Punch down the end, add a few treats, punch down the other end, then give to your dog to shred. You can do the same with other recyclables like cereal boxes, paper bags, etc. If your dog ingests everything along with the treat, this isn’t the game for you!

•Toy Box Search: Scatter kibble or treats in amongst the toys in your dog’s toy box. Encourage them to search through the toys to find all the hidden goodies.

•Puzzle Toy Purchase: Companies like Nina Ottosson and Outward Hound make a variety of dog puzzles. Dogs must spin, lift or push pieces of the puzzle to receive the food item. Check out your local pet store for options.

Our ultimate tip is to enroll your dog at Supernova University. Supernova Dogs has a dedicated team of certified dog trainers and animal behavior consultants to help with training. They have the knowledge and understanding of how your dog’s breed characteristics, genetics, life experiences, and personality impact their learning experiences and individual needs.

Image provided by by Supernova Dogs


Do you already take your dog to a doggie day care? That’s great; it can be a wonderful choice for some dogs to continue their socialization and to burn some energy. For other dogs, it can be overwhelming, and it may not meet their individual needs.

Supernova University’s day school program is designed to provide each individual dog with a specialized curriculum to meet their needs while also working toward your training goals.

At the university, they will enjoy:

•Enrichment Activities: A great way to provide sensory simulation, encourage choice, and build confidence.

•Training: One-on-one training with a certified training professional who will create a custom training plan to fit your dog’s personality and individual needs. They will also provide consistent training of basics like leash skills, duration behaviors and good manners.

•Sport Training Options: Enhance your dog’s skills and physical fitness with agility, tricks, fitness, parkour or scent training.

•Playtime: Socialization in a controlled and appropriate manner.

Your dog will return home tired and satisfied after a great day full of varied activities. 

Available in half-day or full-day increments, reservations are required, as we only accept a limited number of dogs per day. For more information, check out our website at www.supernovadogs.com; or call us at 716-573-5042. We are located in Tonawanda, but transportation can be arranged.

We hope to meet you and your dog soon!

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