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Kristian Bush image courtesy of Big Machine Label Group
Kristian Bush image courtesy of Big Machine Label Group

Kristian Bush embraces 'This Year,' and each moment, in his fourth & final installment of his '52' album series


Fri, Feb 17th 2023 03:50 pm

New track, ‘Already Yours,’ available now

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Kristian Bush will release the final installment of his four-album layered release “52 – This Year,” on March 10 via Big Machine Label Group. To preview the finale of the year-long project, Bush shared the album’s lead single on all streaming services.

His team said, “ ‘Already Yours’ is an infectious, melody-driven love song that celebrates true and instant love.”

Bush said, “It’s strange that we don’t have names for certain feelings even with all of the words we have in the English language. But the feeling you get when you realize someone you have just met feels like someone you’ve known for lifetimes is the feeling this entire song is about.”

Preadd and presave “52 – This Year” here. Listen to "Already Yours" here. Watch the "Already Yours" lyric video here.

With “52 – This Year,” the solo artist and Sugarland founder will have completed a remarkable four albums within the span of one year – the same number of albums released by the Grammy-Award winning Sugarland to date. Across the 52 songs (one for each year of his life), and especially in the final 14, the multifaceted singer/songwriter “embraces his wisdom and experiences accumulated from decades spent in the music business.”

The album title draws its name from the lyrics of the album’s final song, the deeply personal “New Year’s Resolution #7,” which Bush wrote beside a fireplace on New Year’s Day 2016 while both reflecting and looking to the future.

“I was making a list of the things I wanted to do, what I wanted to change, and what I thought I got right last year that I should keep up,” Bush said. “It is the truth of me, the closest you will probably ever get to knowing me, so it seems appropriate as the title to this final volume of ‘52.’ ”

A press release noted, “With more than three decades of music industry experience on his back, Kristian continues to reinvent himself and expand his craft while staying true to himself and still somehow keeping his eye on the stretch goal. While juggling his impressive four-album release, Kristian launched and continues to deliver his weekly podcast, ‘52 – The Podcast,’ that track-by-track explores the connection between his new songs and his past hits; produces his streaming phenom find Megan Moroney; leads his record label/publishing company Songs of the Architect; writes, records and performs with his rock band Dark Water and his folk rock duo Billy Pilgrim; and stays engaged with Sugarland’s audience – especially in light of the duo’s impending 20-year anniversary.”

“Fans have a true opportunity right now – between technology and timing – to hear a year in the life of a creator,” Bush said. “I’m filled with gratitude for the support of the people who said ‘yes’ over the last 30 years. Their timing was so unique that it helped me make my own fingerprint, and that fingerprint is so unique that I hope someone sees what I’ve been able to accomplish and create and it gives them permission to know it’s possible.”

About Kristian Bush

Bush is a multi-Platinum-selling, two-time Grammy Award winner most known for co-founding the record-breaking country duo Sugarland with Jennifer Nettles. The Sevierville, Tennessee, native launched his professional music career in 1994 with the folk-rock duo Billy Pilgrim. Within the decade, Bush formed Sugarland, and the group released debut single "Baby Girl" in 2004. Sugarland went on to chart five No. 1 hits and 12 Top 10 songs.

His “Southern Gravity” solo debut in 2015 produced Top 20 hit "Trailer Hitch." Bush made a foray into television theme songs in 2016 with "Forever Now (Say Yes)," which he penned and performed for TLC's popular show "Say Yes to the Dress."

The multi-instrumentalist is also a founding member of rock jam band Dark Water alongside his brother, Brandon Bush, and esteemed guitarist Benji Shanks. In addition, Bush co-wrote a song for the Atlanta staging of Stephen Schwartz's "Working: A Musical," and has written three musicals: "Troubadour" (2017), "Darlin' Cory" (2021) and "Me Before You.”

The fourth installment (“This Year”) of his four-album release, “52,” will be delivered March 10.

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