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RRG: DEC hearings on CWM permits to be broadcast online

Fri, Apr 8th 2022 01:50 pm

Agnello argues for continued closure of CWM

Residents for Responsible Government announced there will be opportunity for the public to view online the upcoming New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Siting Board hearings consider operations applications by CWM Chemical Services. President Vincent Agnello said RRG created an access link, found at RRG-NY.com, for the public to view the CWM hearings, which start Monday, April 11.

The DEC will review applications filed years ago by CWM to consider the siting of a 6-million-ton hazardous waste landfill operation in the towns of Lewiston and Porter.

“Monday’s hearing is specific to the topic of whether a toxic waste landfill operation would deter other more preferable forms of economic development for the towns,” Agnello said.

Located on the former World War II-era Lake Ontario Ordnance Works site in Lewiston and Porter, the 700-acre-plus CWM facility ceased operations in 2015 as its residuals management unit 1 hazardous waste landfill reached capacity. The CWM site is located 10 miles north of the Love Canal in Niagara Falls and one mile east of the Lewiston-Porter School District campus.

According to RRG’s website, “From 1972-2015, Niagara County, New York hosted one of the largest PCB and toxic waste landfill operations in the U.S. The CWM landfill was forced to close in 2015 due to the support and efforts of the community. CWM has applied for a massive new 6 million-ton PCB-Toxic waste landfill which state and federal agencies conclude is not needed.

“The 710-acre proposed site is owned by CWM Chemical Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc., an $18 billion corporation. CWM is located in the Towns of Lewiston and Porter, NY; one mile from all public schools, roughly two miles from the Niagara River, and three miles from Lake Ontario. There are 17 commercial hazardous waste landfills in the U.S. which supervising agencies deem adequate to handle the nation’s need for decades to come, without CWM.

“The CWM proposal would send more than a half-million PCB and toxic waste laden trucks past the front of all public schools. In 2003, CWM predicted its application would be approved by 2005, however, the application in 2022 is only now entering the final phase of decision-making.

“The first in a series of adjudicatory hearings on issues requested by the State Hazardous Waste Siting Board begin April 11. Participation is limited to designated parties; Niagara County, the Town and Village of Lewiston, the Village of Youngstown, the Lewiston-Porter Central School District, the Niagara County Farm Bureau, RRG, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper, the Tuscarora Nation, and one member of the community.”

Agnello said, “Both EPA and New York have determined there is no need to site a new toxic waste landfill (at CWM), because there are 17 other such operations in the U.S., adequate to handle the nation’s needs for the next 20 years. And CWM disposal operations here have been closed for seven years. RRG is working to prevent PCB and toxic waste landfill operations from reopening in the community.”

RRG said the hearings are expected to get underway starting at 10 a.m. Monday. The public may attend the meeting online via the internet or by phone. To access via the internet, visit www.webex.com and click “join a meeting.” Viewers will need to input the following: event number, 2337 445 4352; password: April11-10AM.

Those choosing to join the session via phone may do so by calling 1-518-549-0550; dial in access code 2337 445 4352.

Agnello said RRG is also encouraging DEC and the Siting Board to make the rebroadcasts available immediately following the hearing for a period of two weeks “so that residents unable to view the hearing during normal business hours may do so when they are home.”

For more information, visit RRG-NY.com.

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