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Donated items for Afghan refugees are much-appreciated.
Donated items for Afghan refugees are much-appreciated.

Rotary provides update on collection for Afghan evacuees

Mon, Jan 24th 2022 02:15 pm

Earlier this month, the Rotary Club of Grand Island announced it was teaming with other organizations in Western New York in assisting Journey’s End and three other local agencies resettling 335 Afghan refugees.

Club members have provided an update on collections for the “Welcome kit for resettlement” (see list below).

Welcome Kit

Plan on a family of five. Many items can be purchased from a dollar store or Dollar Tree.

On the required list that we must provide by U.S. law:

•Linen and other household supplies:

One bath towel and one washcloth per person (new). (Rotary was given a set of eight, plus 24 wash clothes)

√ One set of sheets per bed (single set for children or single adults, or full/queen for two parents – we are in need of more single sets than full/queen sets) (new).

√ Appropriate seasonal blankets, preferably new (used must be clean, gently used, no tears, no pets or smokers) for each bed (light blanket for late spring/summer; comforter for fall/winter, or preferably both).

√ One pillow and pillowcase for each person (pillows need to be new, and pillowcases preferably new – please check for bedbugs). (Given three pillows, no pillowcases, but pack of two pillow covers)

√ Electric alarm clock can be used as long as it works.

Notebook, pens and/or pencils (one new set, and a cheap composition book or legal pad from a dollar store is fine). (Given a pack of six notebooks, and pack of 26 pens)

√ Two lamps and package of new lightbulbs. Lamps can be used as long as in excellent working condition and no loose parts.

√ Shower Curtain and Shower Liner and hooks (new).

√ Hangers for closet (new).

•Cleaning supplies These should all be new and in original packaging. Dollar stores are great for some of these items, if people don’t have in their pantries at home. Multiples of cleaning items like liquid all-purpose cleaner and dish soap and sponges are most welcome!

√ Dish soap (Given one bottle)

√ Bathroom/kitchen cleanser (like Comet) (Given one container of Comet)

√ Liquid All-Purpose Cleaner like Fabuloso or Lysol

√ Powder laundry detergent

√ Sponges

√ Big package of paper towels

√ Two wastebaskets (one for kitchen, small one for bathroom)

√ Box of big trash bags

√ Broom with dustpan for broom and/or mop with bucket

√ Toilet brush

•Kitchen items Most can be gently used, but need to be clean and not chipped.

√ One place setting of tableware per person (fork, knife and spoon)

√ One place setting of dishes (plate, bowl and coffee/tea cup) per person (these do not have to match as long as they are not chipped) (Given a pack of four, and four plastic dinner plates)

√ At least one drinking glass per person (no chips and clean – no plastic cups, wine glasses or beer mugs) (Given four plastic glasses (new) and eight coffee mugs)

√ Pots and pans (at least one sauce pan, frying pan and baking dish – no old Teflon or heavily used or scratched ones – new is very much preferred) (Given one large skillet (new), a package of three frying pans – various sizes – a new set of CorningWare, and nine aluminum roasting pans)

√ Large pot for making soup, stews for bigger family (Given one new 8-quart)

√ Mixing/serving bowls (no chips, do not have to match)

√ One set of kitchen/cooking utensils (new very much preferred)

√ One set of sharp knives (new)

√ Cutting board

√ Dish towel (new)

√ Two batteries for smoke alarm (new)

√ Scouring pads (new)

√ Can opener, non-electric

Toiletries – These need be in original packaging – and new, and family-size, please. Multiples of toiletries are most welcome!

√ Large package (or more) of toilet paper

√ One bottle shampoo (or more) (Given one)

√ Two bathroom soaps (one for sink and one for shower), per person (Given five)

√ Toothpaste (Given four large tubes)

√ One toothbrush per person (Given a box of four)

√ Hand and body lotion – family size

√ Deodorant (number based on size of family – for example, if there are three, then provide three deodorant sticks)

√ Box of sanitary napkins, for teens and young women (no tampons!)

√ 2 boxes of Kleenex, minimum (Given three boxes)

√ Basic first aid kit

√ Disposable razors (Given a woman’s pack of nine disposables)

√ Shaving cream

√ Hand sanitizer (Given six small)

√ Facemasks (Given a box of 50)

√ Disinfectant wipes for kitchen/bathroom (if you can find them!) (Given three packages – 50, 70, 75 – and hand soap liquid – two small bottles)

•Helpful items – These are not on the required list, but if you have them lying around and are in clean/good/working condition or new, they would be wonderful additions.

√ Small microwave (new is best, but will take used if clean and in good working condition)

√ Extension cord

√ Dictionary

√ Electric fan (if possible, several box fans for bedrooms)

√ City map

√ Extra alarm clock

√ Iron/ironing board

√ Basic toolbox

Tea kettle (no instant coffeemakers) (Given two used tea kettles)

√ Working toaster oven (used and clean is fine)

√ Radio

√ Umbrella(s)

√ Family-sized rice cooker (clean and in excellent condition, if used; all our families use rice in cuisine) (Given a new 6-cup rice cooker)

√ Large soup pot

√ Colander/strainer (new)

√ Plastic wrap and foil (new)

√ Small bins for rice, tea, and sugar (so critters can’t get at them) (Given 8 mason jars, 100 pieces of plastic containers and lids for storage and lids for refrigeration, eight storage containers – various sizes – multiple Tupperware containers for storage and microwave heating)

√ Grocery gift card to Price Rite, Save A Lot, or Tops (any amount helps!)

Items can be dropped off at the Grand Island Memorial Library during their operating hours, c/o GI Rotary.

One can donate directly to the resettlement fundraiser (https://www.wnyrac.org).

For more information, contact Sherry Miller at 716-417-4937 or [email protected]. Or contact Richard Earne at 716-773-6346 or [email protected].

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