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Melanie Waldman (Image courtesy of Turning Point Media Relations)
Melanie Waldman (Image courtesy of Turning Point Media Relations)

Melanie Waldman crafts collection of modern-day Psalms on Nov. 5 full-length debut


Tue, Oct 26th 2021 06:20 pm

Worship leader, singer/songwriter and speaker Melanie Waldman is slated to release “Psalmsongs,” her much-anticipated full-length debut, Nov. 5. Produced by Waterdeep’s Lori Chaffer, the project is inspired by one of the Bible’s most beloved books and explores a range of themes reflected in the Psalms, including praise, thanksgiving, lament and petition.

Deeply emotive, ethereal melodies carrying lyrics rich in theology hallmark the nine-song set, with each track taking inspiration from a different Psalm. “Psalmsongs” was penned by Waldman along with co-writers Jesse Isley, Ross King, Erin Echevvaria and Adam Land, and the album features multiple guest turns, including singer/songwriters Alisa Turner and Jesse Isley, as well as Don and Lori Chaffer of husband/wife duo Waterdeep. Various singles from the project have already been showcased on key playlists, including Spotify’s New Music Friday Christian and the Rabbit Room Discovery Playlist.

Highlights of “Psalmsongs” include the album opener “Awake (Psalm 24)”; the modern hymn “What A Savior (Psalm 65),” which is described as “extolling the abundance of the Lord and his beauty displayed in creation”; "You're There (Psalm 139)," said to emphasize “God's unconditional love”; the gentle plea of “Come Back (Psalm 80),” which is “inviting the Lord’s return and the restoration of his people”; and "Show Me Mercy (Psalm 140)," called “an affirmation that his love and grace surrounds us in our daily battles.”

Waldman shared, “Last year, in the midst of the uncertainty and isolation we all faced, I began an in-depth study of Psalms and quickly realized the book is much like a hymnal. Psalms express the emotion of the poet to and about God, and I was inspired to create new songs directly borne of this rich, poetic theology.”

She adds, “As believers, we praise the Lord in the good times with songs of thanksgiving, and we petition and cry out to God in our difficulties – all just as the Psalmists of ancient times did. I hope ‘Psalmsongs’ can give new words of praise to those experiencing joy, and I also hope the songs of lament will bring listeners closer to his heart of comfort and peace.”

A press release noted, “Melanie Waldman’s desire is to create songs and cultivate worship experiences that help restore hope by reminding people who they are, and that God is always at work in their lives. Haunted by a childhood of darkness, fear and abuse, and a young adulthood characterized by chaos and loss, Waldman’s life was changed forever in a miraculous personal encounter with Jesus. With a mission to encourage and inspire others to press on to the great fullness that awaits in Christ, her powerful testimony is the heartbeat of her ministry.”

In January, she is set to unveil “Replacing The Lies,” an eight-week spiritual care mentorship program. The small-group study, which will be conducted online and hosted by Waldman, is focused on such topics as forgiveness, promises, gratitude, worship, boundaries, and “replacing the lies we believe with truth from the Word of God.”

For further information, visit melaniewaldman.com. Follow Waldman on InstagramFacebook and YouTube.

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