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Tim Timmons (Image courtesy of Merge PR)
Tim Timmons (Image courtesy of Merge PR)

Tim Timmons is 'HERE,' but not until April 16


Fri, Mar 12th 2021 01:15 pm

‘HERE’ available for presale beginning, with ‘No Other Gods’ as instant grat

Tim Timmons and Integrity Music announce the release of his latest album, “HERE.” Officially dropping April 16, the album preorder begins today and offers the single "No Other Gods" as an instant grat. 

"No Other Gods" is one of eight tunes to be featured on “HERE.” Songs such as "This Is The Day," You Never Let Go (ft. Tammi Haddon)," and "Roar" have previously released as singles over the past months.

"I have named this record ‘HERE’ for many reasons," the singer, songwriter and worship artist said. "The whole point of this record is to give us songs that we get to pray all week long. I write songs because I want to pray these things. And I need things to be praying in the chaos of my week and in the mundane." 

Timmons added, "I think if I was going to put a practice or theme to the songs on this record, it would really be ‘What am I giving my attention to? What do we give our worship to all week long?' It’s about aligning and realigning our hearts to Jesus. I hope each of these songs will help you align and realign your attention to Jesus all week long."

Sharing more behind the latest single "No Other Gods," he said, "We are all made to worship something, but there’s a fine line between attending to something and idolizing something. The first commandment that we learn is that there are no other gods above and before God. As I look back on my life, it’s felt a little bit like, ‘You will worship me or else,’ but it’s really an invitation for an abundant life. There are no other gods before God, because they simply don’t work."

Timmons has been releasing new music with Integrity Music since 2020. He debuted his first project in 2013 with “Cast My Cares.” 2015's “Awake Our Souls” followed. He has been writing songs for himself and for other artists, and nabbed a Grammy nomination for co-writing MercyMe's “Even If.”

All of his songs – Timmons calls them prayers – have stemmed from personal experience after spending the previous 15 years leading worship in Orange County, California. He is now based in Nashville, with the past nine years touring full-time around the world.

Timmons’ life has been one of adventure, but for the first time, the singer/songwriter said he feels awake enough to live it.

“For most of my life, I found myself working for God, not with him, which led to my tired soul desperately searching for more,” he said. “What could happen if we grasped how much we’re loved and accepted by Jesus no matter what, and then lived like it was true?”

This concept of the walking with Jesus permeates not only Timmons’ music, but his daily life – a unique viewpoint shaped by an incurable cancer diagnosis he received 20 years ago when he was given five years to live. His diagnosis is a doorway for countless healthy, life-giving conversations, but Timmons has far more than a diagnosis to talk about. 

“We spend 10,080 minutes in a week, 80 of those are spent gathered in a room, which is awesome ... but there are 10,000 other minutes in a week,” he said. “The church gets to be the church all the time – gathered, then scattered – all in the name, power and authority of Jesus.” 

This lifestyle has so captured his heart that he started a nonprofit and a weekly blog called “10,000 MINUTES” with the premise of inspiring, inviting and equipping people to practice Jesus all week long. This is Timmons’ greatest desire – whether the catalyst is his cancer diagnosis, theology, his blog or songs, he wants to keep the conversation going so people can discover for themselves the real life found with Jesus.

For more information, visit TimTimmonsMusic.com and 10000minutes.com.

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