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Rob Ortt declares for NY-27


Sat, Aug 17th 2019 07:10 pm

Ortt calls for new generation to fight for American values

This is a press release wherein Rob Ortt announces his future plans. The thoughts and opinions are those of the candidate.

Today, Bronze Star recipient and New York State Sen. Rob Ortt (R-C-I-Ref-North Tonawanda) declared his candidacy for New York’s 27th Congressional District. At an event at the VFW Post 2535 in Lockport, Ortt delivered a speech that outlined his experiences as a soldier – in Afghanistan and defending the U.S. Southern border – his service as a state senator, and his campaign platform as a congressional candidate.

“Some people want to go to Washington and bring everybody to the table; I want to flip the table over. It’s about time we had reliable, conservative, battle-tested leadership in Washington,” Ortt said. “We need somebody who will not only support President Trump, but someone who is unafraid of defending our freedoms and our values. We face continued threats to our security from abroad as well as assaults on what makes America great here at home. Our nation was great, is still great, and will continue to be great because of people like those who reside in NY-27, no matter how many times the regressives on the left claim we’re awful and call for a socialist revolution.”

After the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Ortt enlisted in the U.S. Army and would serve as a first lieutenant in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. During his service, Ortt would be awarded the Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge.

Ortt was also deployed to the U.S. Southern border as part of the recently declassified 2006 Operation Jumpstart, which supported border security and construction of a border fence.

“Rob is a battle-tested patriot,” said William L. Ross, a veteran and former chairman of the Niagara County Legislature. “On Sept. 11, 2001, America faced the biggest threat in our country’s history, and what did Rob do? He stood up. He enlisted in the Army National Guard, shipped off to Afghanistan, and went to war. He came home with a Bronze Star and the resolve that he would never stop fighting for our way of life against all foes, foreign and domestic.

“When we faced the problem of illegal immigration, he didn’t just talk about it, he went to go secure the border himself during Operation Jumpstart.

“Rob has shown us who he is, and we know he will bring conservative, battle-tested leadership to Congress.”

As a state senator for the past five years, Ortt has experience serving many of the residents of NY-27. He is consistently recognized as the most conservative senator in the New York State Senate. He’s been outspoken on hot-button issues such as illegal immigration, where he’s led the charge against free college tuition, drivers’ licenses, and free health care for illegal immigrants. He’s also stood with law enforcement and called out the governor and the Legislature as they “release dangerous murderers, rapists, and drug dealers into our communities. As a champion of the pro-life community, Ortt called attention to shameful legislation to provide abortions on demand in New York.”

“Albany, and by extension, New York state, is a warning to the rest of the country,” Ortt said. “We have seen what the Democratic socialist agenda is: higher taxes, open borders, drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants, unionization of our farms, abortion on demand, more rights for criminals, and more gun control for our law-abiding gun owners. I’ve stood up to the likes of Andrew Cuomo and Eric Schneiderman, and I’ll do the same to extreme radicals like Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez along with her America-hating ‘Squad Members’ Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.”

As the sponsor of several bills to repeal New York’s “SAFE Act,” Ortt has worked tirelessly to defend the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers and is committed to doing so in Washington. He has consistently been endorsed by and received the highest possible ratings from groups such as the National Rifle Association and the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

Ortt has served as the chairman of the Committee on Mental Health and Development and Disabilities, and he currently serves as the ranker on agriculture as well as veterans, homeland security and military affairs. He was instrumental in introducing and expanding the Joseph P. Dwyer Program across Western New York. It provides peer-to-peer support for veterans facing the challenges of post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, and reintegration into civilian life.

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