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Wheatfield constables performing house checks

by yarger
Thu, Aug 8th 2019 12:50 pm

Visits great for those going on vacation

By David Yarger

Tribune Editor

Ever go on vacation and the one thing on your mind is “What’s going on at my house?”

If you are like many who are curious about that status of your home when you’re gone, the Wheatfield Constable Department has you covered. 

Head constable Roger Thompson and constable Brian Kroening announced at Monday’s Town of Wheatfield Town Board meeting that the department is offering free house and business checks for those who leave the town for a little bit. 

“Whether you’re away from your home on business, or enjoying a well-deserved vacation, the security of your residence or business while you’re away is important to you and us,” the constables said in a letter. “With the free vacation check, Wheatfield residents and business owners can request for a constable to periodically inspect your residence or business. If something appears suspicious, the constable will conduct an initial investigation, contact you and generate a report, if necessary, to the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office.”

Kroening said, those interested in a house check can sign up online on the town’s website or contact the town clerk.

He added that signees will fill out a list of information for the constables to check, such as certain cars in the driveway, who to call incase of an emergency, what lights should be on, just to name a few.

“So while you’re away, we will stop at your house, 360 around the whole house, (and) make sure everything matches that list. … It’s a service that we’re happy to do,” Kroening said. 

Wheatfield Supervisor Don MacSwan said he took advantage of the checks while he was on a recent vacation. He also joked that the constables had a friendly encounter with his three dogs, which Kroening said with a laugh “It was a surprise.”

To take advantage of the service, visit www.wheatfield.ny.us/formcenter/building-5/residence-check-information-sheet-49 or the town clerk’s office. 

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