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This side of the Center Street Plaza will permit entry and exit.
This side of the Center Street Plaza will permit entry and exit.

New entrances, exit coming to Lewiston's Rite Aid plaza

by jmaloni
Sat, Feb 9th 2019 07:00 am

Motorists entering the Center Street (Rite Aid) Plaza take note: On Monday, the Village of Lewiston Board voted to switch the Center Street exit from the Stone House side over to the Orange Cat corner. Additionally, trustees agreed to make the entrance both an ingress and egress – thus allowing for two-way traffic at this driveway.

The switch is a return to how the plaza formerly directed vehicular traffic. At a work session, Mayor Anne Welch said the decision to revert back to this pattern was based on safety concerns.

Entrance and exit sites were previously changed, she explained, “because, where the entrance is right now, there was a row of hedges that made the visibility bad. … And now, because there’s a stone wall that comes out on the property next to (the plaza), it’s hard to see coming out across the sidewalk for pedestrians. We’re switching it back because the bushes are gone, and it’s just better, safetywise.”

Welch read a letter of support from the Lewiston Police Department. The LPD requested the current “No Parking Zone” area next to the wall also be switched over to the other side of the plaza.

New entrance and exit signs will be posted in coming days.

Motorists are advised to wait until the enter/exit changes become official – with signage – before changing driving patterns.

This side of the Center Street Plaza will be enter-only.

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