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Syros Restaurant
Syros Restaurant

Syros a hit with Artisan Market crowd

by jmaloni
Sat, Aug 11th 2018 07:00 am
As more and more people visit the Lewiston Artisan Market in Academy Park, the neighboring Syros Restaurant has seen an influx of new customers. These folks couldn't pick a better time to visit than Saturdays, when the Greek-American restaurant offers its signature specials: discounted steak and eggs in the morning, and ribs and lamb shanks in the afternoon and evening.
Owner/line cook/greeter Bechara Cobti said he's busy serving up "all sorts" of breakfast items to the morning crowd, including skillets and all-meat omelets.
"Every day we cut fresh steak," Cobti said. "We put it in a special. ... We get IBP (Tyson Fresh Meats) Choice, and we cut it freshly every day. It's a big steak. Minimum 8 ounces. (It comes with) home fries, eggs. That's a good Saturday special."
The latecomers, meanwhile, are enjoying "a big, four-shank (lamb). It's about a pound-and-a-half," Cobti said. "We cook it with tomato sauce until it falls off the bone. With vegetables, tomato sauce, plum tomato and basil."
Pork ribs are "about a pound-and-a-half, too. Baby-back ribs," Cobti said.
Syros is located at 869 Cayuga St., Lewiston.

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