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Syros a hit with Artisan Market crowd

by jmaloni
Sat, Aug 11th 2018 07:00 am
Syros Restaurant
Syros Restaurant
As more and more people visit the Lewiston Artisan Market in Academy Park, the neighboring Syros Restaurant has seen an influx of new customers. These folks couldn't pick a better time to visit than Saturdays, when the Greek-American restaurant offers its signature specials: discounted steak and eggs in the morning, and ribs and lamb shanks in the afternoon and evening.
Owner/line cook/greeter Bechara Cobti said he's busy serving up "all sorts" of breakfast items to the morning crowd, including skillets and all-meat omelets.
"Every day we cut fresh steak," Cobti said. "We put it in a special. ... We get IBP (Tyson Fresh Meats) Choice, and we cut it freshly every day. It's a big steak. Minimum 8 ounces. (It comes with) home fries, eggs. That's a good Saturday special."
The latecomers, meanwhile, are enjoying "a big, four-shank (lamb). It's about a pound-and-a-half," Cobti said. "We cook it with tomato sauce until it falls off the bone. With vegetables, tomato sauce, plum tomato and basil."
Pork ribs are "about a pound-and-a-half, too. Baby-back ribs," Cobti said.
Syros is located at 869 Cayuga St., Lewiston.

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