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'Strung Together: Zither Encounters,' a traditional music program at Castellani Art Museum


Mon, May 21st 2018 07:00 am
Join the Castellani Art Museum from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, June 3, for an afternoon of traditional music performances, featuring Recep Ornek on the Turkish kanun, Eva Pan Pin on the Chinese guqin, and Julie Dulanski on the hammered dulcimer. "Strung Together: Zither Encounters" explores three different zither instruments played in the Buffalo-Niagara Region by local musicians through a mix of performance, presentation and discussion.
Admission is free.
Zithers are a type of stringed instrument with strings that run the length of the soundboard and are usually played on a lap or table with fingers, picks, bows or other tools. Different zithers can be found throughout the world and made out of a variety of materials in various shapes, each with their own unique sound, playing techniques and composition norms.
The kanun or qanun is a zither found throughout the Middle East and neighboring regions - the Turkish kanun typically features 24-26 sets of double and triple strung-strings. The guqin is a seven-stringed zither from China as one of four essential arts of the scholar in ancient China alongside qi (chess), shu (calligraphy) and hua (painting). The hammered dulcimer is a percussion-style zither found throughout the U.S. - including Western New York - where notes are played by striking the strings with uniquely shaped wooden "hammers."
No reservations are required for this free program. For more information, contact Edward Y. Millar, curator of folk arts, at 716-286-8290.

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