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Adoption STAR: 73 children in Erie County seeking permanent placement through adoption


Thu, Dec 14th 2017 04:10 pm
Editorial by Adoption STAR
Adoption STAR is seeking permanent adoptive families for children in foster care. Enrollment is open for adoption education classes starting in January 2018.
Did you know that there are 73 children who - right this minute - are legally freed for adoption in Erie County who need forever families?
As December brings families together to celebrate the holidays with winter festivities, warm gatherings, and the abundant gifts of the season, children in temporary homes miss out on many of these joyful traditions. These young ones lack the ease, nurturance and security that come from being included in a "forever family," which every child deserves - no matter the time of year.
As you celebrate the holiday season and make special memories with your family, please remember the children in our country who are still waiting and ready for families to wrap them in love and care!
Nationally, 111,000 children are legally available for adoption in the foster care system, which offers temporary respite for these children, but not permanent family support. These are often older children who have moved - placement-to-placement - through foster care, many of them having experienced abuse or neglect, and who now need permanent, nurturing homes.
Foster youth typically wait two to three years to be adopted and experience multiple moves to new homes. Adoption offers them the consistency, guidance and emotional support they will need at every stage of life.
Are you the right match of love, stability, compassion and permanent care for an older child in need? Consider adoption from foster care through Adoption STAR's A-OK (or adopt an older kid) program.
Adoption STAR is seeking permanent adoptive families for children ages 0-21 (the average child's age is 8 years old). To learn more about older child adoption and to sign up for the January 2018 "A-OK" adoption education classes, visit our website at www.adoptionstar.com or call us at 1-866-691-3300. Find out how you can offer a child a loving home so that next year they will have a family to help them celebrate the holidays.
Since 2000, Adoption STAR has provided adoption services to hundreds of families throughout New York state. Adoption STAR also offers support services that include birth parent, adoptive parent and adoptee counseling and support groups. We are a New York state-authorized, Florida and Ohio licensed, COA Hague accredited, nonprofit child-placing agency.

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