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Sunnking Inc. purchases heavy-duty machinery to automate processing


Tue, Jan 17th 2017 04:50 pm

Duane Beckett, CEO of Sunnking Inc., has announced the purchase of equipment to shred and separate electronic devices to maximize materials recovery. With improved efficiency, Sunnking can process high volumes of end-of-life electronics at its R2-certified facility, and have cleaner streams of reusable commodities.

The purchase reflects Sunnking's commitment to the future growth of the company, the employees, and sustainable practices.

The new machinery includes a Shred-Tech Shredder, an American Pulverizer Ringmill, and a Hustler Bi-metallic Classifier. The shredder reduces the material to uniform size and then feeds items to the ringmill. The ringmill will liberate and free individual streams of material, which are then taken by the classifier's conveyor to its magnetic head pulley. The classifier automatically separates magnetic from non-magnetic metals. This automation takes far less time than processing the materials manually, ultimately resulting in higher volumes of material being processed over time, and increased profits.

One significant item that can go through the newly purchased equipment is a hard drive. Hard drives store confidential data and, although electronic information is already covered by HIPPA and FACTA for businesses, shredding is ultimately the best solution for outdated hard drives and other storage units.

Data security is one of the main priorities for every item that enters Sunnking's facility.

"End-of-life electronics and equipment are a growing global concern. We are excited about our new equipment, because it helps us accomplish our mission to provide superior asset management and recovery services. We use proven reuse and recycling techniques that maximize asset value and promote environmental sustainability, while meeting data sanitation requirements of our clients," Beckett said.

This past November, the company moved to a new, 204,000-square-foot facility in Brockport, which is where the new equipment is located.

About Sunnking Inc.

Founded in 2000, Sunnking Inc. is New York state's first R2-certified electronics recycling, data destruction and IT asset management company dealing in end-of-life electronic equipment. With facilities located in Buffalo, Brockport and Syracuse, Sunnking specializes in collecting, refurbishing, reselling and recycling electronic products from residential, commercial and municipal customers. For more information, visit www.sunnking.com or call 585-637-8365. 

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